Stylishly decorated, Sandcastle No4


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A Cappadocean house, Sandcastle No 3

group3castlewithbackstepssmallThis was so special, straight from the heart..see the details..steps up to the top, surrounded by fields.


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An Exclusive Housing Estate “Sandcastle No2″

Group2CastlesmallCastle number 2. As I said before, each castle really had its own personality. Must talk about the moats… I mentioned to the children that there were no moats and explained that one only had to dig down and water could be found , after this a lot of attention was given to digging  moats. This was probably one of the things I enjoyed the most as a child too…  discovering what was underground.


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Sandcastles:- “A day at the Beach” part 3


I was thrown off completely by the Sandcastles that were made and didn’t quite know what to make of them. They were very different from the Castles I had grown up with, but I learnt a lot and have  grown to love all 6 of them, each one was unique. The thing that struck me the most was the groups that were formed by the children. Looking back through my photos you could really see who were the most industrious , who were the clowns, who were the most serious, most stylish, etc,etc…It will be up to you to decide which is which, today lets look at castle number 1. Castle number 1 became 2 Castles as one boy struck out on his own, however when everything was sackaged by a group of very small children they all pulled together and rebuilt a Castle together. This castle I used as the inspiration for the Chess Game which you will hear more about later.

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Betsey Johnson CFDA Fashion Awards

When I worked alot on the makeup backstage for the shows. I was often booked by Nian Fish at KCD. So I was happy to hear from her a few weeks ago and to discover that her and her daughter Natane have formed a production company N&N films.
As per “in the past” she had a really interesting and fun assignment for me, as you can see from the Betsey Johnson CFDA fashion movie they made which I am my team worked on.
The fashion was from the 60’s till today, so we had a ball with the makeup.
I was lucky to be able to have the help of the makeup artist Kelly Tabone ( who trained as a student of mine  a few years ago) Kelly helped pull an excellent team together.


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Chase Mission Main Street

Please take a little time to vote for Linda Mason Elements inc.
forsheckysCsmallWhen I filled  out the application for this grant I surprised myself with the fact  I knew exactly what I would do with the money. I guess that time away from something gives clarity and my clients have been begging me for certain products and stocking up on others that they are fearful of having to do without. My liquid Base, Powder and concealer being the most sought after, so please vote for Linda Mason Elements inc  at Chase Mission Main Street. I need 250 votes within the next 10 days to be in the running for this grant.


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A trip down Memory Lane:-“A Day at The Beach” Part 2:-


For the show at NGC. I  decided on the theme of Sandcastles, hoping to have the space for a large round Sandcastle made out of glass, a piece that would make the children stare in awe and wonder and dream and would be interesting enough to become a permanent part of NGC.  So the project  began with a sandcastle building competition on Seaburn beach in what was pretty typical British weather.  The children were great sports and fortunately mostly oblivious to the weather,  they just happened to be from Fulwell Juniors the school I had attended 58years previously and were able to walk to the beach from their school.  Talk about a trip down memory lane. The school  is still as  beautiful all these years later both inside and out, with great teachers .
Doing childrens portraits and working on collaborative pieces together with children for auction  has always been an important part of my life.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the beach , we always remain the children we were and hopefully I’m not just speaking for myself!

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Come visit me:- “A Day At The Beach” Part 1


Everyone asks me what I am doing these days and I must admit I’m having fun. Doing an assortment of things with a variety of different groups of people.
I shall be doing a few posts to try to explain the most enigmatic of my projects. “A Day At The Beach” a Multi media show done in collaboration with the children of my old Junior School, that will be taking place from July 11th at The National Glass Centre in my home town of Sunderland in Northern England. I hope that these posts will not be too late for those of you in Europe to work this visit into your calendar this summer and that I shall have the good fortune of seeing you there. If you are not able to make the opening on July 11th (or maybe the evening of the 10th, Im not quite sure yet) I will be around till July 17th So let me know and I’ll meet you at The Glass centre. There are beautiful beaches in Sunderland and we are promised a heat wave so bring your bathing suites.


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IBF-The New York Makeup Academy of Japan


Since 2002 The New York Makeup Academy of Japan has brought students to visit me for their MasterClass. A series of unfortunate events led them  not to come since  Hurricane Sandy. However I welcomed four of their extremely talented student  last month and had a fabulous time. It was great to have my faithful friends and clients come again and serve as models and Kenig Alcone provided us a great space. The students were very focused and talented. The two that I had considered weaker advanced by leaps and bounds and by the photoshoot the last day were almost ahead. Each artist had a very individual style.
For the photoshoot we had Almog doing the hair and the beautiful gowns were by the  designer Jane Wilson Marquis. The makeup on Allison of Major models was done by Makeup artist Nao Minamoto.



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Thankyou “On Makeup”


Michael and James of On Makeup Magazine asked Daisy and I to collaborate on a spread for their magazine. so Daisy wrote a piece inspired by one of my paintings. I always loved my daughters poetry and other pieces she wrote as a child and the ease with which she wrote this piece brought all those memories  back . Thankyou Michael and James.


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