Playing with Images

Cynthia144combinedThree different images of Cynthia combined digitally. Limited edition print 18″by36″ Makeup by Yukiko


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The many faces of Actress Sarah Villegas


Sarah144_1599Sarah144_1602Sarah144_1583More photos from the shoot with the visiting class of  Makeup Artists from The New York Makeup Academy of Japan.  The Actress Sarah Villegas modeled for the editorial class and was so expressive (with a resemblance to Meryl Streep) we asked her to model the following day too, the photoshoot day. Makeup by Yukari.

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I enjoy teaching makeup and also taking the photos at the end of the classes as this enables me to see the progression and development of each artists individual style. IBF, NYMA of Japan have been a faithful client  for 15 yrs and each year is so very different and always lots of fun. We laugh now when we remember Hurricane Sandy and how we had to work in the dark and cold and the artists had no hot water for a shower. For the students it was not easy, for me it worked out fine, I am rather a fan of the unexpected and love to work in daylight. This is something I learned working on location on photoshoots, we had to adapt to lots of different situations as we had to come back with the photos. My beautiful nieces were visiting and were stuck in a hotel near the Art of Beauty vanessa_144_2518 so they modeled for us everyday with other young women from the neighborhood. The  interesting thing about the class that year was the fact that we had two students who were spoilt brats. This was very odd as always the Japanese students are truly wonderful, attentive , involved  enthusiastic and every other flattering adjective I can think of. They were meant to be here at that time for a life’s lesson and I hope that looking back they have come  to appreciate  it. Thinking about myself at their age (they were the youngest of the group) maybe I would have reacted as they did..maybe…maybe not. I shall never know.

These two photos of  the model Vanessa from Click agency were taken during the last class. Her natural makeup and her more creative one. The hair is by Almog. Makeup by Atsuko.

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Shooting Photos for the Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

Sadaf_144_1365 Sadaf_144_2061 Dahlia_144_1220dahlia_144_2015Just before I left for vacation at the beginning of July I finished another truly wonderful class  for The New York Makeup Academy of Japan. We were  fortunate to have the use of the  classroom at Temptu which gave us the opportunity to play with their great products. We especially enjoyed working with  Temptu air with pod’s available in many shades including ones I tend to use often and have difficulty finding. Such as 01, a pale ivory, and good shades with yellow undertones, there is also a white with which I was able to make 01 even lighter. Bravo to all of the students, they were focused and talented,  their work at the final photoshoot was excellent.  These shown are the results of two of the students work. The instructions   for their first photos of Sadaf and Dahlia were “fresh and natural” . I was very happy with the results and how well they had understood what I wanted. Although I did discover that an excellent student who had trained with me a few years ago was now their instructor in Japan! The second photos are their more creative work. Hair by Almog. Makeup on Dahlia by Yurika and on Sadaf by Haruna

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The Real Housewives of New York City

CaroleforArtSite_5054Portraits as opposed to photos are timeless. I love doing them be they mixed media like this one of Carole Radziwill   or a more classical portrait such as the acrylic on canvas I do of both children and adults   .   Portraits add Mystery and warmth to a home. If they are of the Host or Hostess, a good one will let you discover a different side to  them. If they are of people that you don’t know, you can use your own imagination to create a whole story around them. Great artists such as Mark Kostabi  capture a depth of human  nature without any facial features I capture that in the facial features, each artist is different. Many Americans are afraid to have paintings of people on a wall preferring more impersonal Art such as Abstract or scenery. Are we afraid of  Intimacy  ? A person is a “paysage” equally as deep and as interesting as The Grand Canyon. Watch out on Bravo June 7th at 9pm. The Real Housewives of New York City episode 10, part of this episode was filmed at my Solo show at the Gallery Vendome here in Soho, New York in December of 2016. To get a sneak peak and see how much fun the filming of the show was  check out my new Facebook page Linda Mason Art. To discuss comissioning portrait  call the number on the website:-


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Happy New Year 2017


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Kim Kardashian makeup


I took some photos of  the actress Sarah  Reinsch with a classic smokey eye, a la Kim Kardashian, while filming her this week. Check out my blog, the one before last where I had her looking more natural and you will see how versatile she is.
To recreate this makeup , the products are all at
Snow White cream base. Transluscent light powder. Bare blush. Contouring powder, Driftwood and highlighter pearl. Eyeshadows:- Solo Opal in the inner corner next to the eye. In the outer corner Cocoa and Pitch black softened with a layer of Brown earth. These were also applied delicately under the eye. Black pencil inside the lower rim of  the eyes…and lots and lots of black lashes. I oulined the lips with the pencil Sandstone and used a nude gloss.

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WAG interview of Jane Wilson Marquis


A very particular point of view

Great article about the designer Jane Wilson Marquis in WAG magazine, A  well deserved article . Hair by Almog Burbea, Makeup by NYMakeup Academy of Japan and photos Linda Mason.

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sarah-144_8076 sarah_7691_144pageof8sarahs_144At the Art of Beauty by Linda Mason  I had Interns and assistants from all walks of life and have stayed friends and in contact with most of them. They each brought inspiration to me in different ways . It is so good to keep in touch and see their progression. The top photos are recent ones I have just taken of Sarah Reinsch  who interned and worked for me 6 years ago. The smaller ones  I took 6 years ago. Sarah is both a gymnast and a dancer and now an actress so very much an inspiration as I love movement. On my Instagram lindamasonnyc I have posted a rough clip from one of my new films where I have painted her again.

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Location for Photoshoot

JanesdressforBlogWe were very fortunate to have the use of the BBFL space in Parkslope Brooklyn for the last makeup class session in July. It was also good for the photo shoot as we had a variety of different daylight situations to work in. Here is Sage from Major Models in one of the many settings in a dress from hair by Almog and styling by Sylvie Holden and Gaby Garcia.

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