Latest Childrens Portraits

ParkerandSawyerforemailJust finished a couple of portraits of the sister of a beautiful smiling little girl I did a few years ago. I just love it when the parents of children I have painted return for me to paint the siblings when they are the same age. It is so much fun to discover such different personalities and also heart warming to know they have so much pleasure from the portraits. When I am indecisive about the expression  I often do two portraits of the same child which gives me examples to show in my studio. These are often taken by the parents.

I will be showing other families soon.

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Desigual Fall 2016 clothes are fab

DesigualShowsmall_6188I just saw the Desigual Fall 2016 and just loved the clothes a great blend of different ethniticities, my favourite large shouldered silhouette and mixes of patterns. Some great pieces in velvet and the hats were fab. The makeup was pretty but could have been a little  more adventurous without distracting. Maybe some of my hand prints from the 80’s on the face would have worked here. xo Linda

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Makeup tips for working on Location

sarah144smallerforken_7200Model, Sarah. Hair, Pasqui. Makeup, Meredith Rose 
Going on location doesn’t necessarily mean going to exotic places-most often, it will mean working from a van in the town in which you work. When I first started out as a makeup artist I did feel more comfortable in the studio because of its controlled environment, but once I became more confident with my makeup, I began to prefer working on location.

If you have more than one model to do, finish the first,  then try to get  the others partially done before the photographer starts shooting the first , when you must go with them. Once you have checked the model on the set, ask the photographer if you can run back to the van to finish the next model. This is usually Okay for a fashion shoot but if you are doing beauty you have to be hawk eyed and stay around. A multitude of things could happen. A simple gust of wind could blow dust on the model’s face; her hair could blow onto her lips and smudge them or her eyes become red and teary from the wind and ruin the eye makeup.

Typically, when you work on location outside in the city you shoot winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter because of the time it takes to produce the magazine. In summer the winter clothes can make the model perspire and in winter, the exposure to the cold can give the model a red nose and hands,

To counteract perspiration, you should always blot the model’s face with tissue paper first, before reapplying powder, to avoid build up. After blotting you may find you don’t need to reapply powder. The red nose is a more difficult problem; . If the nose is small and slightly pinkish that could be cute, but a large red nose needs a base with heavier than normal coverage. If the model can’t wear gloves make sure she keeps shaking her hands up in the air whenever possible to get the circulation going and maybe you will need to apply makeup to them.
All makeup colors from the Linda Mason Elements line. Transparent light Face Gel. Sunrise eyeshadow over the entire lid, Red Earth in the crease of the eye and Cloud shadow at the base of the lashes. Driftwood Blush on the lower part of the cheekbone and white pearl + coral lip colors.



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Made in The USA

BrushsetProJan2016_144-1I love working with factories in the USA and getting to know my manufacturers . Not only is there the added bonus of personal contact but they can also get things together for me rapidly. My brusholders and brushes are all made in the USA and  the quality of both  first class. The quality has actualy improved since I began producing these for Japan in 2004. They are made with  the environement in mind as the holders are washable canvas and I recommend washing the brushes with soap and very hot water before dipping them in alcohol, my very primitive disinfecting method.  This set is my Professional 10 Brushset in an updated version of my original Betty Face brusholder . There are only a few sets available in the US for the moment as Japan snatches them up. To purchase one of these professional 10 Brushsets you need to Email .  The price is $222+ tax and postage. They will soon be able to be purchased on the site.

Mini Betty 7 Brushets can be purchased at  J&B Design in Brooklyn or Online from their Site


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Sultry Sexy Spring 2016

Dahlia_2090_144Dahlia_144_light_2479Dahlia_144_2917Regina my assistant is especially good at doing neutral smokey eyes so for this makeup she  experimented with some color, using Spring 2016 colors without going too wild. She  did these wonderful deep blue smokey eyes on her sister Dahlia.  As it was a Monday we were lucky to have  Almog who is now working at Eijii’s hair salon  to come and do this fabulous hair.A black  pencil at the base of the lashes shapes the eye then Smokey blue shadow is blended over the entire lid with with pacific layered over it. Russett powder blush on the cheeks and Cotal lipcolor.


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Snow Scenes

betsey144_9044This weekend’s snow storm reminded me of another biggy about 6 years ago? I was doing a photo test shoot for my assistants on the corner of Thompson and Grand just next to The Art of Beauty. This makeup on Betsey was done by Thalita. As you can see Betsey was a true pro, no complaints. The light of course was incredible no need for reflectors.


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Faith and Giving Back

FirstPresbyterian_0833Taken from the balcony of The First Presbyterian Church NYC in the winter of 2013.

Growing up in England in the 50’s and 60’s a natural part of life was giving back . It wasn’t something that you talked about it was something that you just did. Wether it was my Dad telling me stories of how when he was a boy at the end of the day they would open their bakery to  the people less fortunate from the neighborhood to use the still hot oven to cook their own bread or my own memories  of  the  Salvation army coming round every Christmas, poppies on remembrance day, all those little enveloppes from orphanages we would fill and cards made by the handicapped. I was surrounded by this as a part of life.
So for me it has always been difficult to talk about giving back, it all seemed so phony this talk and I always felt so guilty when not able to give or giving when I myself actually owed money. So being able to give of my time has helped me and I am learning to talk more about this  and not feel so self conscious. One of the causes I help is in need of bodies. The Mens Shelter which is held at The First Presbyterian Church during the winter is in need of people to stay overnight  so that 10 men can have warm beds. If we get enough volunteers maybe the men can sleep there 6 or 7 days a week instead of 5.  You can either help with the set up from 7.30 to 9pm…putting out beds and food or  volunteers most needed are those to sleep over from 8.30 to 6.30-7am in the morning when the men leave. They need 2 volunteers every night for this.  Even once a month makes an enormous difference. It is so fabulous to be able to walk through a peaceful Washington Square Park at that time of the morning. The men snore..all very different snores, so its rather like all those cats meowing people have been making music with only a little deeper.
For those interested in finding out  more and giving your time contact Lauren at the following adress.  and thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
With much love Linda





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Celebrity compacts

MarieSophieCompact_144At The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason I made special compacts for clients to carry their most important colors around. Compacts that would look good no matter where you left them in the home. Each hand made compact has its own title and they are called “Mini Masterpieces” as they picture my original Artwork .

Making them was  such a wonderful process. Choosing the colors for the inside of the compact was fun and helpful for my clients, but the process of them selecting their compact was also a wonderful experience. They truly were buying a piece of Art and affirming their taste and personality. Many clients chose more than one. These compacts are labour intensive to make so since I no longer have the boutique I am no longer making them.

Daisy my daughter absolutely loves them and has a great collection. She will be selling the remaining Mini Masterpieces through  Instagram and her email address the $250 price will include postage and taxes.  … follow me on Instagram at lindamasonnyc and remember there will never be anymore quite like these. They will come with the colors that are shown and they will look just as good on your face as on your armoire or mantel.

Some of the actual original paintings or mixed media pieces which inspired the Mini Masterpieces are also available and you can ask Daisy about these too if you are interested and don’t see them on the site.

The Mini Masterpiece above is “Marie Sophie”. For those of you who work in the fashion industry you will know Marie Sophie Wilson. Not only a Top Model, actress and great beauty, but an intelligent warm and  generous soul. She helped me with my Elements packaging in the early 90’s and she inspired me for this painting which is replicated on the compact. The Earth Element packaging shown below was designed by Fred de Vito.

There are only two “Marie Sophie ” compacts left…no painting, it was auctioned off to raise money for the Foster Care Children and Families of The Edwin Gould Foundation.


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Cuore makeup Seminar

For a number of years now I have enjoyed doing Seminars for Cuore a Japanese Cosmetic Company. They bring their Makeup Artists on a visit  in December every year. I had not done one since I closed The Art of Beauty so the last one was Dec 2012.  A friend, Hitoshi Sagaseki offered his unique Brooklyn Space BBFL at 300 7th street in Brooklyn . I was a little wary of doing something in a new space, especialy as they had requested my Freestyle makeup work,  but it worked out so well and turned out to be a great space for small seminars (12 to 13 people)…I did start out the seminar with my projections for Spring 2016 which then turned into the above. I was lucky to be able to pry Daisy away from Siraj for a couple of hours to serve as my model and have a beautiful bustier from Jane Wilson Marquis . Jane was watching and absolutely petrified when she saw what I was doing as the bustier was beautiful shades of soft pink and gold satin and silk which were perfect for the first 2016 makeup and also worked for the transformation . If you are in Brooklyn do visit this very special space which has a coffee shop/restaurant and a shop with lots of Japanese and made in Brooklyn products and also some wonderful Japanese events .  Brooklyn Beauty/Fashion Labo


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More Wonderful Women

annjacquieWhen I first opened my boutique/Workshop, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason   in Soho NY  in 1998. I decided to combine everything I loved. At the time everyone told me to focus  focus..and well meaning friends would come along and “merchandise” the boutique. They didn’t realize that the south facing shop filled with beautiful bright  sunlight most of the day and I had chosen it because of that beautiful light, but it meant there were certain things I just couldn’t put in the window. I didn’t tell many of my old workmates that I had opened a shop. We didn’t have facebook in 1998. But Ann Bezamat one of the beautiful models I had worked with frequently in Paris from the age of 15, most  notably with the photographer Sarah Moon, discovered the shop and came to visit me. She loved the paintings and commissioned a portrait of herself and then of her sons. These were the first commissions I had done. Ann brought me luck, as my portrait business grew quickly. You can see many of them at  and I love doing them. Having a painting of someone you love is quite different from a photograph. You look at a photo and say that was then. You look at a painting and study it to find the person you thought you knew and you discover things about them and rarely think about the age they were at .

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