Magical Things


Just received a blast from the past this morning in the form of an email from someone who came into my shop many years ago. One very quiet Monday morning when I still had just the small shop. I was standing behind my counter thinking of the bad state of the music I had in the shop and contemplating on the music I needed for a makeup show I was to give in Japan. I wanted something different but had nothing like what I wanted. In a way I suppose what I was doing is now called “meditating on a subject” although in those days it was called day dreaming, something that I realize I have done since forever and is really one of my most favourite pastimes.

On the piano next to the counter were beautiful smelling natural hand made soaps, soaps I used to carry over in my luggage from England.(the piano and soaps are another story). A young man walks in and starts smelling the soaps and reciting poetry, he really had what we call in England “The gift of the Gab”. We start talking about his poetry and he tries to sell me a poem. We make an exchange soap for a poem and then he tells me that actualy he is really a composer and he pulls out a CD of his music. Well what do you think ! Yes , this was the exact music I needed so he did end up earning a little money.

See what COL is up to now he is living in Berlin still working on his music.

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Beautiful People:-Allure Magazine

So honored to be written up by Danielle Pergament  in the very best Beauty Magazine around, April “Allure” , especially  under the title of  “Beautiful People”.  I do love what Danielle has written and  the images that have been chosen. The top one is by the photographer Denis Piel and the one below by Sheila Metzner. Two of the photographers I worked with frequently in the 80’s.
Below is a link to their shorter Online piece

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Today I received my Sonia Kashuk accessories

soniaKforBlog_7913Today It was Christmas for me. I received the complete cosmetic accessories line  Sonia Kashuk for Target,  made with my Illustration . I already know that I shall be using the largest on the left as a handbag, now I can plan out what I am going to use each of the others for . Part of me just wants to keep them perfect,  sitting there on my work table, but I will be using each and every one of them! We will be following them on their travels.

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The Beauty Tray


Another fruit of my collaboration with Sonia Kashuk for Target. I definitely want this one and the tray will not be in the Bathroom but in my living room.

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Beautiful makeup bags


These are my favorites from my collaboration with Sonia Kashuk, I truly love them and was not only impressed with the respect for my Artwork and the attention to detail such as the yellow tags to open the bag but  at the quality of the bags themselves..first class!

You now have a reason to go back to Target every week .To gift yourself one of these every week as each one is very different. You could use them for all sorts of things and if you have trouble remembering what you have put in each bag, no more messy labels, just take a magic marker and write on what is in there. It will  definitely not look out of place. Thankyou Sonia
xx Linda

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Rush to Target

Sonia KashuksmallI’ve mentioned in previous Blogs about the many great assistants and interns who have worked with me over recent  years.  I have had a very long career, so lets take a look  further back at my first assistant when I moved from Paris to New York , Sonia Kashuk. Sonia assisted me in the 80’s when she was already an excellent makeup artist who  had a burgeoning career in Mineapolis. She made sacrifices to come and work with me and was truly a pleasure to have around already possessing the many qualities necessary to make it to the top.

It is so exciting to see the fruits of our recent  collaboration  these wonderful Sonia Kashuk accessories clothed in one of my designs and to  have had the opportunity to see Sonia in action as a very sympathetic cosmetic tycoon. These are just two of the brushes from the brush roll together with a brush container…you should see the beautiful cosmetic bags and  tray  which I will show you later in the week and there is even a pretty hairbrush .  So rush to Target!



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Great Makeup Classes

sam_8199_144For this past year I have not been giving makeup classes. It is a very intense process and takes alot of organizing, something I used to do with the help of my interns. I have a lot of admiration for Michael DeVellis and James Vincent of the Powdergroup  and  the way they work non stop on the organizing of such great classes and seminars for the Industry.
This photo of a makeup on Sam is one of the many photos I would take of the makeup my students would do during our classes. I would always have them start out with natural makeup on the photoshoot then build it up so that I was sure they could handle color.
The Jacket is by the designer Jane Wilson Marquis.


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Test Shoot

It is great to be able to experiment although not having my great assistants anymore makes it a little more complicated. Daylight shooting with someone new such as the model Inga above is  fabulous and freeing, you never really know what you are going to get but not having to deal with technical instruments frees you up to try to get that special expression. I like to start of with a natural makeup ( not shown here) then explore.

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Yasmin Heinz

yasmin_144_6978In the late 80’s Yasmin Heinz was working in the US and assisted me for a short while. Her career has been phenomenal and she is just working on her second book (which will be published in English) and has asked me to do a portrait of her for the book. I’m not going to spoil things for her by publishing the exact one that she will be using but as I did a few versions I’m giving you a peak at this one.


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daisysmall_7778What better to wear with a fabulous mask! A fabulous red lipcolor. This one on my favorite model, my daughter, is a mixture of Ruby and Scarlett. From a series of photos I did in 2000 with the hand made masks of Luis Rivera Torres. It is great to be able to hide behind a mask. I have vivid memories of a wonderful masked party I attended in Cyprus many years ago. Everyone imagined I was someone else they knew and would come up to me and have lengthy one sided conversations. See Luis’s beautiful site .


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