More Wonderful Women

annjacquieWhen I first opened my boutique/Workshop, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason   in Soho NY  in 1998. I decided to combine everything I loved. At the time everyone told me to focus  focus..and well meaning friends would come along and “merchandise” the boutique. They didn’t realize that the south facing shop filled with beautiful bright  sunlight most of the day and I had chosen it because of that beautiful light, but it meant there were certain things I just couldn’t put in the window. I didn’t tell many of my old workmates that I had opened a shop. We didn’t have facebook in 1998. But Ann Bezamat one of the beautiful models I had worked with frequently in Paris from the age of 15, most  notably with the photographer Sarah Moon, discovered the shop and came to visit me. She loved the paintings and commissioned a portrait of herself and then of her sons. These were the first commissions I had done. Ann brought me luck, as my portrait business grew quickly. You can see many of them at  and I love doing them. Having a painting of someone you love is quite different from a photograph. You look at a photo and say that was then. You look at a painting and study it to find the person you thought you knew and you discover things about them and rarely think about the age they were at .

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The joys of working as a Makeup Artist

001_MasonforblogFrom  “Makeup for Ageless Beauty” by Linda Mason
The joys of working as a makeup artist are not just about creativity. Some of the  most memorable joys are spending time  with and getting to know so many talented, warm and generous people. This was brought back to my mind with the interview with Paulina Porizkova in the Huffington Post. The first time I worked with her she was 15 yrs old, it was with the photographer Arthur Elgort in the Tuilleries of Paris. A bright and sunny day etched  in my memory as if it was yesterday. She was so (and still is) very beautiful. I used no foundation or contouring nothing to hide or correct, she was totally flawless.  All I needed to do was use color on her lids and lips (green and orange). to enhance her bright uplifting spirit. She mentioned her origins with her usual humor  so at that time  the gravity of being a refugee  didn’t sink in and it has only just done so with what is happening in the world at the moment, and her recent article, describing what her experience was as a refugee.

After coming to the US we worked together many times and I was happy to see her extremely successful career and even happier to see her happily married and a mother of 2 boys.  I have a great polaroid of her and Ric together on the beach in Miami, at the beginning of her relationship, somewhere…not quite sure where. and I loved her novel  “A Model Summer” which is still available on Amazon and I would recommend to anyone who has been or is going to be a model or for that matter anyone interested in the industry. Its a fun read.

When doing my book “Makeup For Ageless Beauty” in 2011 she didn’t hesitate to give generously of her time.


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Shorts. tv

Jenna head Back_smallFor those of you who missed “First Base” at the NYCINdieFilm Festival.You can catch it on   the ShortsHD  movie channel ,  where it is premiering on 25/11/2015 at 20:00:00

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doublesmallLayering with clothing keeps you so warm and also can help keep you  cool as you are able to strip off slowely .  Layering with makeup is my favourite way to do makeup as it gives a depth to the end result. It is best and more easily done with pure colors as muted ones tend to become muddy, although… that can look good too. But nothing is more beautiful than the layering of glass. The beauty of glass is in the capturing of light and reflections and you can do this with the layering of sheets of  glass , glass images and glass objects I really want to keep experimenting with this. Mmm I just realized “First Base” is layered too,  this must have a meaning ..something about protection,  mystery, discovery.

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A truly wonderful new home

display_4350As most of you now know  “A Day At The Beach” was Comissioned by Sunderland University UK and exhibited at The National Glass Centre Museum from July 11th to Oct 4th. I went back to England for the dismantling of the show and was so blessed to find a fabulous new home for the large pieces at GRACE HOUSE a new Hospice for children and young adults that has just been built in the Southwick area of Sunderland. Hopefully my wonderful new friends and collaboraters from Fulwell Junior School and  NGC  will be invited to see the pieces once they are installed. I will  post pics of them soon in their new home.


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The Producers Club

producersclub_4623I  had so much fun last night at “The Producers Club” 358 West 44th street, it  is such a great “Venue” and just to be able to have friends and contributors to “First Base” around was great. 4 other movies were shown along side mine and it was such an assortment. For those of you who can I highly recommend a visit to The Producers Club during this festival ,on until the 18th, a true slice of the old eternally great NY. Unfortunately my film has been shown so you won’t catch that but there are lots of other surprises .

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Trailer for “First Base”

film premiereing October 12th to 18th at the New York City Independant Film Festival

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The Psychic

TheFortuneTeller_144This is a much loved mixed media piece from My Autobiographical collection “Visitors To The Sea Front” called ‘The Fortune Teller”. There are things  that one just never forgets. The part of the country I grew up in, the industrial North East of England was a place where reading of Tea Leaves and communicating with the Spirits was  common place. At the age of 11 or 12 a friend from school had a Fortune Teller visiting her home and she gathered a group of people together to consult with her. I was the first person to enter the room and the experience was etched in my mind. She just took something I had with me , held on to it and started talking. The most important thing she spoke to me about was my Guardian Angel who she described in great detail. When my mother visited New York she found a Psychic from the North of England here in New York, Paula Roberts, came back from a visit to her in awe, inviting her to my place for tea on a later visit. We became good friends.

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Celebrating super short movies acceptance to NYCIFF

for sitefirstbase-small
My Movie “First Base” is premiering in the US at NYCIFF from the 12th to the 18th of October.See the chemistry between amazing actors Dmitry Korikov and Jenna Earle The Kiss (“first base”) is the key to the awakening of the senses, yet it is fast becoming extinct as everyone is increasingly in a hurry to get to the “home run” of the final Act.
First Base is showing at 8.40 pm on October 15th together with 3 other shorts! Its just a 20mins program. You can order tickets and get all the rest of the info for the producers club at


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Please save the afternoon of Sunday, August 9th to see Green:Inspired:Art’s latest “creative re-use of everyday things”: and visit the Lilac, a Lighthouse Tender launched in 1933:LILAC is berthed at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 at West Street and N. Moore Street

Nearest subway stations are the Franklin Street stop on the 1 or Canal Street on the A/C/E (exit at Walker Street at south end). N. Moore Street is one block north of Franklin Street or a block south of Walker Street. Walk west on N. Moore to the pier.

The nearest bus route is the M20 which runs downtown with a stop at Varick and N. Moore Streets, two blocks inland.
Plastics and other disposables threaten our oceans and our environment. Meet the Artists that use them to create paintings, photography, collages installations and sculptures. I hope to see you there!

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