Makeup Brushes made in the USA

Thank you FMBrush for making such great brushes for me. I’d just like to mention that all my products are made in the USA  this  makes it easy to visit my manufacturers and  is one of the nicest parts of having a cosmetic company. It is such a pleasure to visit the factory and everyone is so helpful and kind. It is pretty amazing when you see how much work goes into the details  of each brush, the women making them are very talented. I have been manufacturing with FMBrush for many years now as I have a very good Japanese client who orders regularly. The orange brush you see is a slightly wider squarer version of the pink lip brush next to it. I use this for a lip brush on fuller lips but made it for my Japanese students to use as a concealer brush. Their under eye area is not as deep as that of the Caucasian and needs less coverage. The square flat synthetic brush is my concealer brush. To clean my brushes I  massage the hair with soap and water and rinse them well in very hot water, dip the hair in alcohol, rinse again, then press them into shape and leave them to dry naturaly. Never ever rub them on a towel.

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Hand Painted Silk Scarves

I came across some fabulous silk dyes on sale at Pearl Paint a few weeks ago and although I didn’t know what I would use them for, being a sucker for color and not able to pass up such a bargain , I bought them.  I had  some silk scarves I had colored light aqua  a couple of years ago and had not had time to screen them so I chose a mix of dye colors which would make a flattering makeup palette for this spring, colors that brighten a face, and threw them on the crepe de chine and silk chiffon. Only 8 available, $175 each, individually painted 36″ by 36″. One scarf is $125,  24″ by 24″  available by phone at 2126250490.

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The Portrait Process step by step

When I started doing makeup I never thought I could find anything that I would enjoy as much but I found it in painting and especially portraiture. As  makeup, it is a discovery process, where one learns about the person. I work the materials in a similar way to makeup too, very fluid. I just had to share with you my latest portrait of this beautiful child.


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Makeup Brushset

“When I’m on location with my Linda Mason brushes, I get all the attention. Between the other makeup artists swooning over the bristle shape, and the photographers shooting my workstation cluttered with brightly colored brushes. Linda Mason brushes are the star of every show. As I’m sure you could guess, they also dominate my personal makeup kit. The select “mini” sized brushes are perfect for creating or maintaining a photo-ready makeup on the go, regardless of whether I expect to be in front of a camera or not. Linda’s brushes are masterfully shaped, and come in a perfect variety of shapes and textures for all your makeup needs. do yourself a favor, and get yourself the tools the professionals use.” Thalita.

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Valentines Day gift ideas!

Happy February, makeup lovers! Is everybody ready for valentines day? If you answered “no”, don’t fret! You might still have time to give your Significant Other the gift of Linda Mason!

-Make this years Valentines gift last with one of our Mini Masterpiece makeup compacts! Available in a wide variety of designs, each hand-made compact is adorned with images of Linda Mason’s original artwork and are carefully decorated and signed by Linda. To top it off, we allow for you to choose each Linda Mason solo color (eyeshadow, lipstick, gloss, or blush) that you want in your Mini Masterpiece, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, unique compact which is tailored to your personality and preferences. Each compact is made to last, and can be easily refilled and reused (ask us about maintaining your mini masterpeice).

-Want to know why our Graffitigel Eye Liners are so perfect for Valentines day? The Gel formulation dries fast and stays in place, (no matter how late you’re up dancing til), they come in a large array of colors, and you can kiss as much as you want without having to worry about ruining your makeup! have a look- we might just have your favorite color!

-If makeup isn’t the way to go for your Valentine, maybe a limited edition, hand printed love-poetry book is! With illustrations by Linda Mason, “Dancing with words” by Gene Washington is a cover-to-cover treasure trove of touchingly romantic poetry, which masterfully describes emotions you never knew could be vocalized. But don’t delay! These Limited-Edition books wont last long.



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Teen Makeup Q&A: Suzanne

I hope you all liked last weeks Teen Makeup interview with Aziza, because today we’re featuring Suzanne. Suzanne’s a real renaissance woman (pun definitely intended), with a strong passion for the arts! Having majored in art history and French, she’s no stranger to beauty, and with her experience curating galleries I’m certain you’d agree. We asked her to answer our survey questions, right after I did this gorgeous purple smokey eye on her!

Q: looking back at the beauty tip related questions you answered in the beginning of the book, how has your answer to those questions changed over the years?

A: Having ripened in age over the past decade since this book came out, I now concentrate on looking as realistically young and well-rested as possible when applying makeup. Mascara has definitely remained a must-have for me, but I’ve also started using a brow liner on a regular basis (Linda’s Blondie brow pencil is my favorite, and I’m not just saying that). A well done brow can negate the need for mascara or liner for me, especially with a dark lip and some brown shadow.  I’d say that I use a lot less bright eye color and like a more natural look these days, but if I’m going out at night, I do still love a brightly colored cat-eye liner.

Q: what was your most memorable experience while working on Teen Makeup with Linda?

A: I most vividly remember the day that I came in for my “outrageous” look with one of my favorite old pals, Sarah Y. Linda free-style painted us and applied temporary tattoos – I had a large, angry tiger covering my back that I wish I could pull off in real life. The pictures of us together in front of the old diner on Grand Street across from Linda’s store were deemed too racy for a teen book by the editors, but I love looking back at them occasionally. I also loved being air-brushed to look like a tan surfer girl for my “Sporty” section.

Q: what section of the book is your favorite/most referred back to?

A: Sometimes I like to leaf to the beginning of the Cool section so that I can remind myself that “Being cool means being confident and secure about yourself.” In terms of makeup, I think the classic looks are most attractive to me to apply to my day to day makeup regimen. I also really like the Star Power section, and have always loved how Linda connects your astrological sign to color and makeup.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected the way you do your makeup today?

A: I think the time Linda did my glamorous look was one of the first times I’d had a cat-eye, which I think works really well with my eye shape and is a go-to when I’m patient enough to do my makeup properly. I’ve pretty much learned everything I know about makeup from spending time in Linda’s shop and watching her give classes over the years, so it’s hard to say what else I took away about makeup at that time.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected your interest in makeup at the time?

A: I was always pretty interested in makeup, but I definitely became more experimental with it and started diversifying my look. For the majority of high school, I was traipsing around with black-rimmed eyes to compliment my bedazzled and shortly hemmed uniform skirt. I think the experience of doing this book reminded me how creative and fun doing new things with makeup can be, and that being pretty or sexy doesn’t mean having to do your eye-liner like a highway diner waitress.

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Teen Makeup Q&A: Aziza

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Linda’s book, “Teen Makeup” (fueled by our recent violet infatuation), we here at The Art of Beauty couldn’t help but coax a couple of the ol’ Teen Makeup girls to come share some of their experiences with us. And what better way to convince them to swing by than to throw in a fun, violet evening makeup! We snagged Aziza and Suzanne from Teen Makeup to come answer a few questions, who of course were more than a little enthused to have their makeup done (and had a blast looking gorgeous together at dinner after the shoot). We asked Aziza, now a dancer, to tell us about how working on Teen Makeup influenced her as a 17-year-old, as well as today:

Q: looking back at the beauty tip related questions you answered in the beginning of the book, how has your answer to those questions changed over the years?

A: Since my ‘teen makeup’ days, I’ve gradually darkened my look, but have kept my makeup regimen relatively the same. Instead of using bright, colorful eyeliner  applied under my eyes, I now gravitate to using a heavier dark mascara under my eye giving me more of a bold , clean, more “grownup” look. I’m still a pretty blush fan, but these days less rosy, more so fresh and dewy.

Q: what was your most memorable experience while working on Teen Makeup with Linda?

A: It was the day Linda taught me the makeup that I’ve used every single day since. Not to apply my eyeliner all the way into the [inner] corner of my eye, because it makes my eyes look smaller. But rather to finish the line just passed the center to make my eyes look more open and brighter. I felt SO cool getting a tip from Linda, whom I admired so much, and has done the makeup of so many icons I absolutely adored and idolized. Now she was doing mine and giving me a little makeup knowledge gold of my own!

Q: what section of the book is your favorite/most referred back to?

A: I would have to say the “sweet” section of the book. I remember at the time, it was not often that I saw other teenage girls with a soft, and delicate look. That section of the book was what taught me that it was possible to wear makeup, while not appearing as though I was trying to look older or wearing a ton of makeup. I could wear makeup and look still look fresh, young, and 17. Ten years later (yikes!), I still use what I learned from that section in an attempt to rewind time, or at least look 17 again.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected the way you do your makeup today?

A: Observing Linda throughout the teen makeup experience is the sole reason I can manage to apply makeup today, without ending up looking like some sort of swamp creature. I would have no idea what to do otherwise. Everything I learned throughout that process is everything I still do today.

Q: how would you say your teen makeup experience affected your interest in makeup at the time?

A: This experience was what allowed me to see makeup as more than just makeup, but an art and science that’s way more involved than I’d realized. It helped me to think about makeup in a different way, which has helped tremendously in several ways over the years whether I was performing or working in styling, I’ve always been able to use that experience as a tool to shape, and polish my work.

Thanks so much to Aziza for being available, and for wanting to participate (and of course, for letting me do your makeup)!!


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The Purple Sweater

Continuing on with our purple/violet theme I decided to show you this beautiful sweater that Thalita’s Mother Claudjia Bicalho knit her for her birthday present. The perfect sweater to compliment our violet lipcolor (and of course Thalitas amazing Aquarian beauty). Thalita is also wearing the black Graffitigel liner and Smokey violet solo shadow.

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Violet Lips

Last Saturday Thalita and I did a New Year event  together with the designer Jane Wilson Marquis in the most beautiful apartment on Central Part South. The theme for the makeup was the new violet and purple shades. I was originaly thinking about all the pretty colored shadows we had, in the range of purple to violet there really is a shade for everyone. I was so surprised when Thalita started to put the violet lipcolor (see above, the triangle and oval) on all the women and it so suited them. It is rather dramatic but a softer way to use it was mixed with our Black tinted Earthgloss.

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Cakey makeup and how to avoid it

Of all the things my clients ask me not to do, cakey makeup is number one on their list of “Don’ts”. Besides the fact that it can look mask-like and artificial, it can also be very uncomfortable to wear. So how can you avoid looking and feeling cakey?

Here in New York City, we’re experiencing a comparatively rough winter, which has us Art of Beauty girls dry, sick and—you guessed it—cakey like mad! Between the dry cold outside and the dry heat inside, your skin can really take a beating this time of year. Keeping your skin well moisturized (particularly in the winter) will prevent your makeup from appearing cakey, and will reduce redness and skin texture in the long run! Linda is in love with the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream, and uses it over our Holistic Rejuvenating Complex before braving the cold weather (her go-to tactic for combating flaky skin on her nose!). You can also try moisturizing heavily before putting on your everyday makeup, then setting the whole thing with powder- this can actually help protect your face from the harsh winter. I like to wear our Cream Lipstix over lip balm (NOT chapstick!) to keep my easily chapped lips protected.

“well, Thalita, I don’t live somewhere that’s cold right now, and I cant get my makeup to stop looking so heavy! What’s my excuse?” for those of you who are lucky enough to not be experiencing cold weather, there are several reasons why your makeup might be caking or feeling heavy!

-first off, what kind makeup do you use on your skin? cream base is pretty heavy and is perfect for areas that need a little extra coverage, but can be too heavy if you don’t use it sparingly! Concealer is great if you have a good overall tone but just need a little coverage in spots (blemishes, dark/ red spots, etc.). Water-based liquid foundations are great if you just need to help brighten up the face without giving too much coverage, or can be paired with a little concealer to tidy up any spots.

-what color is your makeup? A base that’s too dark or that has a contrasting tone from your skin can come off as heavy and can just generally not look right. The easiest way to check is to try the product on your inner forearm, which is the most like the skin on your face (both color and texture-wise). As long as the product is lighter than the darkest part on your face (i.e. dark circles under eyes) you should be on the right track for a natural look! (if you’re going for a sun-kissed look and need a darker base, we’ll get back to it in a different blog.)

-how much makeup are you wearing? If you’re concerned that your makeup is looking cakey and have ruled out the above, try using your product more sparingly, or applying it with a brush to control the amount you use a little easier. You could also try applying your base with a moistened makeup sponge, or using the dampened sponge after you apply your makeup to help smooth it out (areas like the jaw, cheecks, and around the nose and forehead are areas where cakey makeup can be a real distraction. Try blending your makeup down onto your neck to prevent a mask- like effect. )

Everyone has different skin that requires different treatment. Keeping your skin clean, moisturized, and spf protected is a great way to keep your skin young and healthy for years to come! Making sure you get plenty of vitamins in your diet (such as vitiamin B12 or omega 3) is an ideal way to get your skin, hair, and nails at their healthiest.  Make an effort to understand your skin so as to have a better understanding of how to take care of it, and to keep it looking its brightest.
by Thalita

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