Yasmin Heinz

yasmin_144_6978In the late 80’s Yasmin Heinz www.yasminheinz.com was working in the US and assisted me for a short while. Her career has been phenomenal and she is just working on her second book (which will be published in English) and has asked me to do a portrait of her for the book. I’m not going to spoil things for her by publishing the exact one that she will be using but as I did a few versions I’m giving you a peak at this one.


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daisysmall_7778What better to wear with a fabulous mask! A fabulous red lipcolor. This one on my favorite model, my daughter, is a mixture of Ruby and Scarlett. From a series of photos I did in 2000 with the hand made masks of Luis Rivera Torres. It is great to be able to hide behind a mask. I have vivid memories of a wonderful masked party I attended in Cyprus many years ago. Everyone imagined I was someone else they knew and would come up to me and have lengthy one sided conversations. See Luis’s beautiful site .


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The Door

MO_8600Everything has a story.  This door is a beautiful old wooden door with a glass window and was the “The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason” door. It was plain glass. One day a couple of years after opening. I ran out to the post office, chatted with a friend outside the post office and was taking my time getting back to the shop. I turned the corner of Grand and Thompson to see Fire engines infront of the shop and thought  “some poor guy has a problem” then realized that it was me that had the problem. The shop was filled with smoke and Firemen. They had done an amazing job.  A fire had broken out through an overhead missplaced light in the back of the shop. Fortunately my neighbor upstairs was home and called the Fire department. All that was damaged was  glass in the door and the wooden partition that was burnt by the light bulb. I was amazed at how respectful the Firemen had been and how they had avoided just sending foam all over the place. Instead of ripping out the glass I decided to work with it using another layer and placing  pieces colored glass between.
The Art of beauty is no more,  but I kept the door!


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neema144_9583I pulled out this photo that I did for my student Laura a couple of years ago just to remember what a true snow storm is like and how mesmerizing it is. The majestic makeup  by Laura and hair by Pasqui on the model  Neema blended with the beauty of the environment. The clothing is screened  silk and linen with the Betty Face image used on some of my packaging.Neemadarkstrokes144_9443

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Moving on

Lacking a couple of important paint colors I headed over to Blick to buy them only to find it closed because of the anticipated snow storm. So instead of painting I ended up on the computer updating www.lindamasongallery.com a site that not many of you know . In the process of looking I came across photos from the last Artshow/Cosmetic event at “The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason”. Life has been a  whirlwind since closing so I didn’t have much time to recap everything. This is not a nostalgic trip down memory lane just a belated thank you to my assistant Thalita and Interns Gaby and Lynley. I was so very very fortunate to have Thalita (on the right),  with me for so many years not only was she one of the most thoughtful and kind people I have ever met she was also one of the most talented and generous. She never ceased to amaze me with her depth of understanding and knowledge. She started working with me when she was 14 and has moved on at the ripe old age of 21.  Gaby (in the middle) also started pretty young interning with me, and is now studying business and fashion, working and doing freelance makeup work. She is also very talented and made these dresses with material I had silk screened with my astrological images (notice the sketches, Lynley and Gaby are in Gemini dresses and Thalita is in Aquarius). Lynley on the left came from the South to Intern with us our last summer. I must say she was a “God send” , her amazing enthusiasm and Joy at life lifted us up during what could have been a rather sad time. The laughter and fun she brought was matched by her incredible work ethic and thirst to learn.  I have been blessed with wonderful interns and assistants so shall mention the others from time to time.

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Wishing you All Love,Joy,Health and Prosperity in 2015

HomeFresque_6207Happy New Year to you all. I spent the best New Years Eve ever, with my Grandson 2 1/2 . Now I’m beginning 2015 rearranging my environment and my life and painting (painting paintings, not my apartment, although that is on my to do list for this year). It is snowing outside so this is a great time for reminiscing. I love blending the old with the new and surrounding myself with things that have a life and memories . So I will tell you a little about the life and memories of these objects in the photo. Lets begin with the Ox. I purchased this Amber Ox in the late 60’s in Beirut as a gift for my parents and now it  has come back to me. This was one of the first times I had enough money to make a beautiful purchase . So this not only brings back memories of my friends in Beirut but also of my family. The Art Nouveau porcelain statue behind was a purchase to myself from the French Flea Market in the 70’s. I used to spend every Saturday there having lunch with friends and sometimes even the Sunday. Here, I am  flooded with memories of the fun times and great learning experiences with friends at the flea market.
When setting up the shop I had friends come over and help paint the colors around the walls, a large old mirror was broken . The breaker was devastated, but I was ecstatic. The pieces of glass were beautiful and inspired  the first pieces of  “Reshaped Reflections” the first Art Show at  The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason”. 1999.

Linda  …Maybe I’ll talk about makeup next time!

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Here are the dates and times of the premiering  of my movie “First Base” at the ASVOFF film festival at the  Centre Pompidou for those of you who will be in Paris next week . I think you will enjoy the movie…I hope so and I hope that you have as much fun watching it as I had making it.  I will be at both viewings and would love to see you! 22nd November in Cinema 2 at 8pm and the 23rd  at 8.30pm in The Petite Salle. This is a film I directed  and naturally did the makeup for. I was so lucky to get such great talent and generous team. Dmitry Korikov (Request Models) and Jenna Earle (Next Models). Producer Nicole Devilaine,Director of Photography Mamadou Niang,Hair stylist Ahbi Nishman and my assistant Regina Izacullava.

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A Mini Brushset

My clients have been asking me for some time now a small brush set  easy to travel with.  So I have made them this mini brush set of 7 essential brushes to make their life easier. I love to travel so this is really handy for me too. There is (from left to write) a firm Mini shadow in sable, my perfectly shaped eyeliner brush and an angular brow brush. My neon yellow blusher brush always had a short handle so it’s just the same as in my professional set. A curly lash/brow brush is next then a small eye shadow brush followed by the pink sable lip. The holder is no more than 7inches high and made of washable canvas so you can throw it in the wash when it starts to get grubby. A few months ago I mentioned my US Brush manufacturer FM Brush and how much I love working with them and visiting the factory. The brusholder  is also made in the US by another wonderful manufacturer but from further afield. For the moment I’m silk screening these by hand  so they are not perfect. Once I get lots of orders they will be done at a factory nearby…in Brooklyn. They  make  great gifts.  Until I have them on the site you can order them by phone or email me (you can get the info  on the site at www.lindamason.com). The retail price for each set will be $111 but for  my  returning clients there is a discount of 20% on the price for the near future.

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An inspiring Woman

One of my favorite women, Betsey Johnson, was interviewed by one of my favorite magazines, Paper Magazine. They explored her apartment which did not disappoint. She is such a fun loving truly liberated woman who really enjoys life and color…and makeup. Prominent in this article was a great photo of her 1960’s original Knoll “womb” chair. For those of you who fall in Love with Betsey’s chair October is Breast Cancer awareness month so check out this auction. Three unique pieces of furniture all the same pink covering as Betsey’s. All the proceeds of the sale of these chairs will go towards Breast Cancer awareness charities. You can see the details  here: http://www.regencyshop.com/charity-auction.html I had the good fortune to work with Betsey on “Tanaka Mason Kostabi” a book that was released in Japan in 1992. The photo she inspired that appeared in the book is above.

xx Linda

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My Love of Makeup will not go away!

I guess that you check into my blog to hear about makeup and see if you can learn something new. The thing is this past year I have spent a lot of my time doing my Art and working on a variety of different projects  incubating for many years as well as being a Grandmother.  I thought that I needed to abandon the makeup to be able to move on but have discovered that it is such a part of me that I am still passionate about that I don’t want to abandon it, so I will be searching for different ways of integrating it into the other things I will be doing. I am so thankful for being a makeup lover and enjoy “putting my face on” and looking at the most amazing women who continue to brighten up the World with their great makeup. Above is a painting I did of Kryolan Aquacolors pallettes. This is the same makeup I use for my Freestyle makeup . The majority of you will not be using this type of makeup but I hope that the colors inspire you in your everyday makeup. It’s a  classical combination but one that always works!
Talk to you soon….Linda

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