Trailer for “First Base”

film premiereing October 12th to 18th at the New York City Independant Film Festival

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The Psychic

TheFortuneTeller_144This is a much loved mixed media piece from My Autobiographical collection “Visitors To The Sea Front” called ‘The Fortune Teller”. There are things  that one just never forgets. The part of the country I grew up in, the industrial North East of England was a place where reading of Tea Leaves and communicating with the Spirits was  common place. At the age of 11 or 12 a friend from school had a Fortune Teller visiting her home and she gathered a group of people together to consult with her. I was the first person to enter the room and the experience was etched in my mind. She just took something I had with me , held on to it and started talking. The most important thing she spoke to me about was my Guardian Angel who she described in great detail. When my mother visited New York she found a Psychic from the North of England here in New York, Paula Roberts, came back from a visit to her in awe, inviting her to my place for tea on a later visit. We became good friends.

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Celebrating super short movies acceptance to NYCIFF

for sitefirstbase-small
My Movie “First Base” is premiering in the US at NYCIFF from the 12th to the 18th of October.See the chemistry between amazing actors Dmitry Korikov and Jenna Earle The Kiss (“first base”) is the key to the awakening of the senses, yet it is fast becoming extinct as everyone is increasingly in a hurry to get to the “home run” of the final Act.
First Base is showing at 8.40 pm on October 15th together with 3 other shorts! Its just a 20mins program. You can order tickets and get all the rest of the info for the producers club at


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Please save the afternoon of Sunday, August 9th to see Green:Inspired:Art’s latest “creative re-use of everyday things”: and visit the Lilac, a Lighthouse Tender launched in 1933:LILAC is berthed at Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 at West Street and N. Moore Street

Nearest subway stations are the Franklin Street stop on the 1 or Canal Street on the A/C/E (exit at Walker Street at south end). N. Moore Street is one block north of Franklin Street or a block south of Walker Street. Walk west on N. Moore to the pier.

The nearest bus route is the M20 which runs downtown with a stop at Varick and N. Moore Streets, two blocks inland.
Plastics and other disposables threaten our oceans and our environment. Meet the Artists that use them to create paintings, photography, collages installations and sculptures. I hope to see you there!

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A Day at The Beach, Art Installation,The National Glass Centre, Sunderland, UK

It really is great to have a show that is up for a few months, giving friends time to visit and me to get the word out. As you can see from previous Blogs, I started work on “A Day at the Beach” a year ago. It didn’t travel in a straight line, infact there were times when I thought I had really veered totally off track but once the show was up I realized that I had managed to stay pretty close to my vision, incorporate most of my desires and the plus was being imposed things that I learnt from and that improved the final work immensely.  After working these past two years in such a small space in NYC it was a pleasure to be able to spread out in such a wonderful incredibley well lit location. This photo was taken from a balcony in the space I worked in. Normaly behind the scenes at The National Glass centre is a hive of students from the University who use the space for Art and Glass and there were some very interesting artists still working on their thesis or on residencies but my preparation time from June 6th till July 11th was a winding down time so there was plenty of room for me to set up things as they would be in the final exhibit.
Initialy I was very comfortable with handling the large pieces of glass I was working on but after a couple of mishaps lost my bravo. I then listened more carefully to the great advice I was given by the experts there and eventualy felt much more comfortable again. More important than any of this was the amazing people I worked and became friends with. My next blog will be devoted to them.

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The countdown has started

AquaPotPieSmall “A Day at The Beach ” is debuting at The National Glass Centre Museum in Sunderland Saturday 11th July and I will be there and hope all who can will be there too from 2 to 4pm. However the show will continue through October 4th so if you can’t make it this Saturday then try to visit sometime this summer. There is not just lots to see here but there is also lots to do, with fabulous classes and demonstrations by some great artists. I’ve spoken in other blogs about my inspiration for the Installation coming from a day spent at the beach with the children from my old Junior School, Fulwell Juniors but there are many other aspects of the preparation of this show have been equally inspiring. The quality of the artists who work here at NGC and who have helped with many parts of the show is first class, there are too many to talk about in this one blog so let me just mention James Maskrey…/mrjamesmaskrey/  James is an expert in Glass blowing and he has blown all the Pot Pies inspired by the Sand Castle building and other pieces that were best blown rather than cast or cut.



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Stylishly decorated, Sandcastle No4


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A Cappadocean house, Sandcastle No 3

group3castlewithbackstepssmallThis was so special, straight from the heart..see the details..steps up to the top, surrounded by fields.


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An Exclusive Housing Estate “Sandcastle No2″

Group2CastlesmallCastle number 2. As I said before, each castle really had its own personality. Must talk about the moats… I mentioned to the children that there were no moats and explained that one only had to dig down and water could be found , after this a lot of attention was given to digging  moats. This was probably one of the things I enjoyed the most as a child too…  discovering what was underground.


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Sandcastles:- “A day at the Beach” part 3


I was thrown off completely by the Sandcastles that were made and didn’t quite know what to make of them. They were very different from the Castles I had grown up with, but I learnt a lot and have  grown to love all 6 of them, each one was unique. The thing that struck me the most was the groups that were formed by the children. Looking back through my photos you could really see who were the most industrious , who were the clowns, who were the most serious, most stylish, etc,etc…It will be up to you to decide which is which, today lets look at castle number 1. Castle number 1 became 2 Castles as one boy struck out on his own, however when everything was sackaged by a group of very small children they all pulled together and rebuilt a Castle together. This castle I used as the inspiration for the Chess Game which you will hear more about later.

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