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Gemini: Method Kit Comeback

When I go out on the weekends, I have my other favorite go-to product: the Lilac cream eye shadow. If you’ve read my previous blog posts from this past summer, then you already know I just love this product. I … Continue reading

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Freestyle Graffitigel looks for all ages

Here are Thalita and I wearing the “Great White” and “Shark” Graffitigels in a freestyle method Makeup. You may have seen the photo of Daisy floating around the internet in freestyle taken to it’s extreme. I started my line of … Continue reading

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Painting an Eyelid

If you are all wondering, my Gemini makeup attempts are improving, and Linda thinks so too! So that’s enough about the Gemini look until later. I have been counting and organizing so many different types of makeup brushes. Who knew … Continue reading

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Angle Brow Brush vs. Eyeliner Brush

I love my dark green eyeliner brush. It has a very small, firm tapered head and I really think that for most women it’s really the best eyeliner brush out there. However, I do like to use my angle brush … Continue reading

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Blusher Brush vs. Contouring Brush

I really have got a great brush manufacturer and I’m very proud of my brushes. I love going out to the factory to meet the girls who work on perfecting the haircuts (of the brushes). It’s really fun. My short … Continue reading

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My Orange Sable vs. My Neon Pink Sable

I made an orange sable brush for my Japanese clients to use as a concealer brush as they don’t have such deep dark circles as we do and often just need a slight line under the eyes filling in. It … Continue reading

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Makeup DVD Preview: Clip-it

I have a great team I’m working with for a video I hope to have out next spring. We’ve been enjoying doing it very much. I had 5 great girls to be in the video, but one didn’t show up. … Continue reading

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