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Matchmaster. Just over a year!

How time flies! This is an apology to all of those clients who have stopped by The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason on Grand street here in the city only to find us replaced by a shoe shop (the … Continue reading

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La Danseuse Du Japon

People  ask about the person in each painting and each one has a story behind it of a person who has inspired me. Therefore each Mini Masterpiece which is a hand decorated replica of the painting has that same story. … Continue reading

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Makeup Brushes made in the USA

Thank you FMBrush for making such great brushes for me. I’d just like to mention that all my products are made in the USA  this  makes it easy to visit my manufacturers and  is one of the nicest parts of … Continue reading

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Hand Painted Silk Scarves

I came across some fabulous silk dyes on sale at Pearl Paint a few weeks ago and although I didn’t know what I would use them for, being a sucker for color and not able to pass up such a … Continue reading

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The Purple Sweater

Continuing on with our purple/violet theme I decided to show you this beautiful sweater that Thalita’s Mother Claudjia Bicalho knit her for her birthday present. The perfect sweater to compliment our violet lipcolor (and of course Thalitas amazing Aquarian beauty). … Continue reading

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Violet Lips

Last Saturday Thalita and I did a New Year event  together with the designer Jane Wilson Marquis in the most beautiful apartment on Central Part South. The theme for the makeup was the new violet and purple shades. I was … Continue reading

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Cakey makeup and how to avoid it

Of all the things my clients ask me not to do, cakey makeup is number one on their list of “Don’ts”. Besides the fact that it can look mask-like and artificial, it can also be very uncomfortable to wear. So … Continue reading

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The AstroMakeup site ( is up and running with the ‘80s packaged limited edition Astrology inspired kits. Make sure when you get a kit to wear all the colors in the kit together in order to feel the full effect. … Continue reading

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A Night Out on the Town

Last Friday night after a long afternoon of teaching the “Thriller” dance to 12-year olds, I booked it back to my house to get ready for Linda’s art opening at Studio59BK Jeorge Napoleon Gallery in Gowanus. There I found the … Continue reading

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Gemini: Method Kit Comeback

When I go out on the weekends, I have my other favorite go-to product: the Lilac cream eye shadow. If you’ve read my previous blog posts from this past summer, then you already know I just love this product. I … Continue reading

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