The Best Hair Product

We were so lucky that the hair stylist Jeorge Napoleon was available to do the hair on our latest shoots. He did a beautiful job on Tatiana, Alaina and Courtney and spoiled us with his products too. I was very skeptical to use his HydroHair as my hair is very fine and straight and as you can see from Jeorge’s photo (Tatiana is next to him) his is the exact opposite and he was raving about Thalita my assistants curly hair and how great the product would be for her. What a surprise, it was great for me too and made my hair silky and very manageable, not at all flyaway as it usually is in this climate. A little history about Jeorge… we used to work on designer shows together in the 80’s so it was such a pleasure to have him return into my life via a mutual friend. My assistants were flabbergasted at how easily and well he did the hair, I told them “that’s experience for you!”
Tatiana is wearing the liquid base in the Water shade and once again our great Ruby lipstick and burgundy lip liner.

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