Gemini Melody Makeover

Okay, my attempts to create the Gemini look using the melody kit need help. Like I said before, I keep it simple when applying makeup, so therefore, too much color tends to scare me. Each Astrological melody kit has its own distinct makeup and includes an instructional booklet, but apparently I can’t follow instructions.

Thalita gave me a Gemini makeover, and as you can see from the picture above, she did such a great job. She really is so talented and was so sweet to walk through each step. She used the nude lip color on me, and suggested I try using the nude with the brown lip color in addition to the smoky eye. And if I’m ever feeling a little wild, I should also use the ruby lip color.  Contrary to makeup marketing, purple eye shadows are not only for brown eyes but looks great with blue eyes too. So to all you blue-eyed bombshells, don’t be scared of purple!

My take-home assignment now is to attempt this same look. I won’t even come close to Thalita’s work, but hopefully Linda will approve this time. Wish me luck…

Also, something fun I learned from Linda: Geminis tend to have almond-shaped eyes.



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  1. April says:

    Very beautiful! My birthday is June 17th and I guess I’m Gemini so I suppose I do have almond shaped eyes 😉

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