Mia, Lynley, Zoe, and Allyssa wearing Glow on this gorgeous day in the city.

A hot topic of discussion yesterday was lipstick. I organized and counted inventory of all fourteen Matte lipsticks. I love each of the names – so feminine! You can see all the names and colors on the main website under “Eyes and Lips.” Thalita talked about how a lipstick gives a woman a confident, and maybe even an intimidating, look. My favorite lip color from the Matte collection is the very popular Scarlett. It’s bold yet pink enough for a woman to still embrace her femininity.

Today Zoe, Mia, Allyssa, and I are all wearing Glow lipstick from the “Classic Creams” collection. It’s a bright red-orange coral and perfect for the summer! I am slowly but surely becoming more comfortable wearing color. I think I may have a new obsession with lipstick. I love it.

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