Throwback Thursday: 1960s

Thalita did a 1960s look on me. Don’t you just love what she did with the eyes?! I can’t get over how talented she is. The makeover took awhile, but Thalita did a perfect job. Notice the eyelashes. I have never worn fake eyelashes, and it felt as if my eyelids were lifting weights. She applied a much darker base to my face. She said the 1960s was somewhat the beginning of women striving for that sun kissed look. She finished the look with nude lips. I asked Thalita how she knew so much about the makeup from different decades. She said she learns the most by watching movies. The look she gave me is very similar to Veruschka and Twiggy in the sixties.

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday: 1960s

  1. Laura says:

    it’s Twiggy, for sure!!

  2. Allyson Dulaney says:

    I love this look on you, Lynley. I hope you find an occasion to show this off one day.

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