Smokey-eyed Therapy

I don’t know if it was the weather or what, but my energy was dead yesterday. To revive me, Thalita gave me a grey, smokey-eyed makeover. She went more dramatic this time using two different shades of grey eye shadow. She also gave me a very helpful tip: because I have heavy lids, I can apply eye shadow to my outer eyelid and continue fading it all the way to the brow. It may seem as though all we do in the studio is play with makeup, but since this is an internship for me, I am learning more and more about the actual business side of The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason. Today Daisy introduced me to Constant Contact and showed me how simple the program is to use. There are so many little things with technology and business that I continue to discover. I’ll continue to share in future posts what I learn from the more serious business side. Oh, and Thalita’s makeover was definitely a pick-me-up, and my day got much happier and lively. Thank you, Thalita!  Lynley
P.S. You can even find smokey eyes in nature, check out this bird!

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