Bittersweet Ending

Today is bittersweet. It’s my last day at The Art of Beauty with Linda, Daisy, Thalita, and Gene. It’s also the day before the gallery closes and The Art of Beauty will only be 28 Grand St for the month of August. For the last week, everyone here has been organizing and packing to move everything from the gallery to storage. It’s sad to see the gallery closing knowing that Linda has had it for over 15 years, but I’m so thankful to have been here to see the end of something so great. My internship with Linda made my summer the best one yet. Everyone I met here was truly wonderful to me and became my little NYC family. I have loved and enjoyed every minute with each person – each one so special to me. I really could not have worked with better people here as well as the women at Athleta.
Living in the city has been so much fun, but it’s time for me to go back to Georgia. The city has become too much for me – sleeping on a couch, going out at night, spending way too much money, and limping from a hurt leg (my body is falling apart!) – so I am ready to return to the South to family and friends and to fully recover. Friends have asked me what’s my favorite part about the city, and my answer has been the people (my second favorite being the food, of course). I love the diversity here, and I have learned so much from every relationship I have made this summer. As my best friend Hadley would say: “it’s been real, it’s been fun, and it HAS been real fun.”

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