My Very Own Mini Masterpiece

Yesterday on my last day, Linda gave me a mini masterpiece (one of my very FAVORITE products of hers). This may be the best thing I have ever been given. There are so many different ones to choose from, but I chose the one with the Art of Beauty logo on the front because, as Linda said, it represents my whole summer here. I just love it. Thalita helped me pick which makeup pieces to put in the compact. I already have a collection of pieces from earlier this summer, so I chose pieces that I most love. I chose the lilac cream eye shadow because I have been wearing it all summer from my Gemini kit, and it’s the perfect subtle color for any occasion. The gold blush is such a great color when applied to a sunkissed face (which I plan to get in the Georgia sun). The galaxy lip color is the one thing that I am so excited to wear. Daisy wore it one day from the Pisces astromakeup moodkit, and I loved it. It’s such a unique lip color. Thalita really loves the jade eye shadow and said I can’t go wrong with the color, so I chose that last. I can’t wait to get back to Georgia to show off my mini masterpiece. Seriously, the best gift ever. Thank you, Linda!

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