Happy Halloween everyone!

Here I’m wearing a Medusa costume that I managed to throw together with things I found around the house, save for some toy snakes and a little gold spray paint. Having grown up in a house full of artists, Halloween has always been a competition for who could make the coolest costume, and is always sort of a big deal for me. I love to challenge myself with interesting costume ideas, even though they always seem to turn out to be completely last minute. Luckily, being a makeup artist, I have an advantage at making quick costumes ideas blossom!

While snakes for hair is probably Medusa’s most identifiable trait, going the extra mile on the eye makeup is key if you want to really turn everyone to stone! Here, I delicately blended a white cream base all over my face and neck (after heavily moisturizing). Then I generously applied our Pitch Black over my eyelid, accentuating the eye so as to mimic dramatic lighting (I’m a sucker for silent movies, and am always thinking of ways to recreate the magic of the silver screen!). Once i felt i had a good blend going, i dusted Mediterranean all over the eye. My lips are done similarly- I carefully lined my lips with our Black Graffitigel, and added some Mediterranean on the lips as well, with a little gloss to keep everything  moist. Don’t forget to darken the brows, and wear a gorgeous pair of gigantic false lashes.

check out our instagram for another photo of my costume!……Bye for now Thalita

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