An inspiring Woman

One of my favorite women, Betsey Johnson, was interviewed by one of my favorite magazines, Paper Magazine. They explored her apartment which did not disappoint. She is such a fun loving truly liberated woman who really enjoys life and color…and makeup. Prominent in this article was a great photo of her 1960’s original Knoll “womb” chair. For those of you who fall in Love with Betsey’s chair October is Breast Cancer awareness month so check out this auction. Three unique pieces of furniture all the same pink covering as Betsey’s. All the proceeds of the sale of these chairs will go towards Breast Cancer awareness charities. You can see the details  here: I had the good fortune to work with Betsey on “Tanaka Mason Kostabi” a book that was released in Japan in 1992. The photo she inspired that appeared in the book is above.

xx Linda

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