The Door

MO_8600Everything has a story.  This door is a beautiful old wooden door with a glass window and was the “The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason” door. It was plain glass. One day a couple of years after opening. I ran out to the post office, chatted with a friend outside the post office and was taking my time getting back to the shop. I turned the corner of Grand and Thompson to see Fire engines infront of the shop and thought  “some poor guy has a problem” then realized that it was me that had the problem. The shop was filled with smoke and Firemen. They had done an amazing job.  A fire had broken out through an overhead missplaced light in the back of the shop. Fortunately my neighbor upstairs was home and called the Fire department. All that was damaged was  glass in the door and the wooden partition that was burnt by the light bulb. I was amazed at how respectful the Firemen had been and how they had avoided just sending foam all over the place. Instead of ripping out the glass I decided to work with it using another layer and placing  pieces colored glass between.
The Art of beauty is no more,  but I kept the door!


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