Rush to Target

Sonia KashuksmallI’ve mentioned in previous Blogs about the many great assistants and interns who have worked with me over recent  years.  I have had a very long career, so lets take a look  further back at my first assistant when I moved from Paris to New York , Sonia Kashuk. Sonia assisted me in the 80’s when she was already an excellent makeup artist who  had a burgeoning career in Mineapolis. She made sacrifices to come and work with me and was truly a pleasure to have around already possessing the many qualities necessary to make it to the top.

It is so exciting to see the fruits of our recent  collaboration  these wonderful Sonia Kashuk accessories clothed in one of my designs and to  have had the opportunity to see Sonia in action as a very sympathetic cosmetic tycoon. These are just two of the brushes from the brush roll together with a brush container…you should see the beautiful cosmetic bags and  tray  which I will show you later in the week and there is even a pretty hairbrush .  So rush to Target!



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