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Just received a blast from the past this morning in the form of an email from someone who came into my shop many years ago. One very quiet Monday morning when I still had just the small shop. I was standing behind my counter thinking of the bad state of the music I had in the shop and contemplating on the music I needed for a makeup show I was to give in Japan. I wanted something different but had nothing like what I wanted. In a way I suppose what I was doing is now called “meditating on a subject” although in those days it was called day dreaming, something that I realize I have done since forever and is really one of my most favourite pastimes.

On the piano next to the counter were beautiful smelling natural hand made soaps, soaps I used to carry over in my luggage from England.(the piano and soaps are another story). A young man walks in and starts smelling the soaps and reciting poetry, he really had what we call in England “The gift of the Gab”. We start talking about his poetry and he tries to sell me a poem. We make an exchange soap for a poem and then he tells me that actualy he is really a composer and he pulls out a CD of his music. Well what do you think ! Yes , this was the exact music I needed so he did end up earning a little money.

See what COL is up to now he is living in Berlin still working on his music.

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