Team Work

IMG_0042smallWhile living in Paris in the 70’s and early 80’s I worked often in Germany . When I moved here from Paris in the early 80’s. The photographer Helmut Hoffmann  flew me back to Dusseldorf to work with him for a few days on a wonderful Niessing jewelry campaign which I returned to do for a about 3years . Helmut had organized a creative team (Art director, hairstylist and myself ) that brought very different strengths and  worked extremely well together . I must admit I was helped by the walk along the riverside I made every morning from my hotel to his studio in his beautiful home, which was very relaxing. It is great to see how the results of this work are so timeless. An exhibit of them is touring Germany (Berlin and Hamburg) showing them in large formate. Read more about it at

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  1. Janan Tomko says:

    soo proud of you somehow I always thought you were German from far I guess for this reason ,,,,,,

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