An idea for this evening:-Support a worthy event


For those of you who are out and about tonight or just looking for an idea for  something to do. Go to Art Strut’s event from 7-10,. My daughter Daisy will by there with a selection of my Artwork, some of her favourite pieces, 20% of the proceeds from the sales will go to support ACE   Programs for the Homeless.

The event is being held at a 2,500 square foot pop-up gallery featuring other local artists and a silent art auction of some of Henri Buhl’s (The founder of Ace) personal Art Collection at 28 Wooster Street. Tickets are $35, The  Ticket includes a limited edition Moleskine Notebook, as well as live music from Cat Cat Cat, KT Mulholland and Lily Lane. Wine is provided by The Handy Liquor. Go support this worthy cause and have fun at the same time.

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