Come visit me:- “A Day At The Beach” Part 1


Everyone asks me what I am doing these days and I must admit I’m having fun. Doing an assortment of things with a variety of different groups of people.
I shall be doing a few posts to try to explain the most enigmatic of my projects. “A Day At The Beach” a Multi media show done in collaboration with the children of my old Junior School,┬áthat will be taking place from July 11th at The National Glass Centre in my home town of Sunderland in Northern England. I hope that these posts will not be too late for those of you in Europe to work this visit into your calendar this summer and that I shall have the good fortune of seeing you there. If you are not able to make the opening on July 11th (or maybe the evening of the 10th, Im not quite sure yet) I will be around till┬áJuly 17th So let me know and I’ll meet you at The Glass centre. There are beautiful beaches in Sunderland and we are promised a heat wave so bring your bathing suites.


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