A trip down Memory Lane:-“A Day at The Beach” Part 2:-


For the show at NGC. I  decided on the theme of Sandcastles, hoping to have the space for a large round Sandcastle made out of glass, a piece that would make the children stare in awe and wonder and dream and would be interesting enough to become a permanent part of NGC.  So the project  began with a sandcastle building competition on Seaburn beach in what was pretty typical British weather.  The children were great sports and fortunately mostly oblivious to the weather,  they just happened to be from Fulwell Juniors the school I had attended 58years previously and were able to walk to the beach from their school.  Talk about a trip down memory lane. The school  is still as  beautiful all these years later both inside and out, with great teachers .
Doing childrens portraits and working on collaborative pieces together with children for auction  has always been an important part of my life. http://lindamasongallery.com/giving-back/  http://lindamasongallery.com/portfolio/collaborative-portraits/ http://lindamasongallery.com/portraits/
I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the beach , we always remain the children we were and hopefully I’m not just speaking for myself!

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