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MarieSophieCompact_144At The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason I made special compacts for clients to carry their most important colors around. Compacts that would look good no matter where you left them in the home. Each hand made compact has its own title and they are called “Mini Masterpieces” as they picture my original Artwork .

Making them was  such a wonderful process. Choosing the colors for the inside of the compact was fun and helpful for my clients, but the process of them selecting their compact was also a wonderful experience. They truly were buying a piece of Art and affirming their taste and personality. Many clients chose more than one. These compacts are labour intensive to make so since I no longer have the boutique I am no longer making them.

Daisy my daughter absolutely loves them and has a great collection. She will be selling the remaining Mini Masterpieces through  Instagram and her www.lindamasongallery.com email address daisy@lindamasongallery.com the $250 price will include postage and taxes.  … follow me on Instagram at lindamasonnyc and remember there will never be anymore quite like these. They will come with the colors that are shown and they will look just as good on your face as on your armoire or mantel.

Some of the actual original paintings or mixed media pieces which inspired the Mini Masterpieces are also available and you can ask Daisy about these too if you are interested and don’t see them on the site.

The Mini Masterpiece above is “Marie Sophie”. For those of you who work in the fashion industry you will know Marie Sophie Wilson. Not only a Top Model, actress and great beauty, but an intelligent warm and  generous soul. She helped me with my Elements packaging in the early 90’s and she inspired me for this painting which is replicated on the compact. The Earth Element packaging shown below was designed by Fred de Vito.

There are only two “Marie Sophie ” compacts left…no painting, it was auctioned off to raise money for the Foster Care Children and Families of The Edwin Gould Foundation.


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