Makeup tips for working on Location

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Going on location doesn’t necessarily mean going to exotic places-most often, it will mean working from a van in the town in which you work. When I first started out as a makeup artist I did feel more comfortable in the studio because of its controlled environment, but once I became more confident with my makeup, I began to prefer working on location.

If you have more than one model to do, finish the first,  then try to get  the others partially done before the photographer starts shooting the first , when you must go with them. Once you have checked the model on the set, ask the photographer if you can run back to the van to finish the next model. This is usually Okay for a fashion shoot but if you are doing beauty you have to be hawk eyed and stay around. A multitude of things could happen. A simple gust of wind could blow dust on the model’s face; her hair could blow onto her lips and smudge them or her eyes become red and teary from the wind and ruin the eye makeup.

Typically, when you work on location outside in the city you shoot winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter because of the time it takes to produce the magazine. In summer the winter clothes can make the model perspire and in winter, the exposure to the cold can give the model a red nose and hands,

To counteract perspiration, you should always blot the model’s face with tissue paper first, before reapplying powder, to avoid build up. After blotting you may find you don’t need to reapply powder. The red nose is a more difficult problem; . If the nose is small and slightly pinkish that could be cute, but a large red nose needs a base with heavier than normal coverage. If the model can’t wear gloves make sure she keeps shaking her hands up in the air whenever possible to get the circulation going and maybe you will need to apply makeup to them.
All makeup colors from the Linda Mason Elements line. Transparent light Face Gel. Sunrise eyeshadow over the entire lid, Red Earth in the crease of the eye and Cloud shadow at the base of the lashes. Driftwood Blush on the lower part of the cheekbone and white pearl + coral lip colors.



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  1. Makeup plays a vital role in your life if you are working on some companies. Makeup according to the occasion makes you active of that particular day.

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