Makeup Class. Photoshoot2

Dahliasm2For the photoshoot class the artists first do a natural makeup . This is almost the most difficult, as I ask that the skin  look fresh and perfect but not made up. So often there is just a little concealer…if any..gloss..a little tidying up of the brows as Miho Murakami did on Dahlia in the centre photo. I quickly have the artists add colors on set, either lip or eye colors depending on the girl.  After Miho had added the lipcolor then she took Dahlia back to the studio to change the makeup to a much stronger one. We were fortunate to have such beautiful girls, great hair by Almog and wonderful styling by Sylvia Holden and Gabriela Garcia Ramirez. The Cool T shirt was by Minimal Hustle and the Bespoke riding jacket by Jane Wilson Marquis http:/ Congratulations Miho!

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