Makeup Class Photoshoot 7

Sage_Click_sm-1Sage has one of those ivory skins that just captures the light and great bone structure perfect for natural beauty. Stronger makeup definitely changes her.  I especialy loved her look  as she ressembled Thalita who I was lucky to have assist me  from the ages of 14 till 21, when I closed the Art of Beauty in 2013 she left for New Orleans and  I miss her dearly. Kyoko Kosaki, Sage’s talented makeup artist, applied a little too much  for the natural makeup and I had to have her remove most  of it, she did an amazing job after that false start. When I say natural, I mean natural! Fresh bare skin minimal, if any, eye makeup and concealer, clean brows and gloss. For her natural look Sylvia dressed Sage in a Minimal Hustle T shirt and for the stronger makeup a dress by Jane Wilson Marquis. Hair by Almog .

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