The Real Housewives of New York City

CaroleforArtSite_5054Portraits as opposed to photos are timeless. I love doing them be they mixed media like this one of Carole Radziwill   or a more classical portrait such as the acrylic on canvas I do of both children and adults   .   Portraits add Mystery and warmth to a home. If they are of the Host or Hostess, a good one will let you discover a different side to  them. If they are of people that you don’t know, you can use your own imagination to create a whole story around them. Great artists such as Mark Kostabi  capture a depth of human  nature without any facial features I capture that in the facial features, each artist is different. Many Americans are afraid to have paintings of people on a wall preferring more impersonal Art such as Abstract or scenery. Are we afraid of  Intimacy  ? A person is a “paysage” equally as deep and as interesting as The Grand Canyon. Watch out on Bravo June 7th at 9pm. The Real Housewives of New York City episode 10, part of this episode was filmed at my Solo show at the Gallery Vendome here in Soho, New York in December of 2016. To get a sneak peak and see how much fun the filming of the show was  check out my new Facebook page Linda Mason Art. To discuss comissioning portrait  call the number on the website:-


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  1. Bernarda says:

    I must agree with some truly intelligent point there. A portrait in a home reveals much about it’s owner, especially if the portrait depicts the owner him/herself. I human face is truly like a great landscape, the deeper you go the deeper it is. Inspiring reflection. Thank you.

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