NYMA makeup classes 2018-Shizuka Ito

annalise_0298small annalise_0404small annalise_0861smallI thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the six New York Makeup Academy students who took classes with me this year  at the end of June. I was very fortunate,  Nino Vendome my Landlord from when I had the Art of Beauty had a great space empty on Grand street which he allowed me to use. annaliseshizukaItoSmall_0268For the day of the photoshoot, Shizuka Ito was the makeup artist of Anelisa. Cynthia from John Sahag the hairstylist. I have worked with Cynthia for many many years. You also see Gaby my assistant in the ambiance photo. I have the artist start with a natural glowing makeup…add lipstick then do whatever they would like creatively.

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