Betty Blush in Maire Claire and OK

Oh my Gosh I mentioned to David the photographer yesterday that I was maybe looking for a new Space and didn’t quite know the direction I wanted to take my life in and today he introduced me to the landlord of a building near mine with two great spaces. The unfortunate thing is that I prefer the larger more expensive space!!! It has the same light as I have now. Light is such an important aspect for a Makeup artist/Artist. How do I make this work? Sales on the Internet and by phone are picking up because we have had a couple of nice editorials and it helps to have the shopping cart up after it being down for 18 months. Bare Betty Blush is the best seller after having been featured in October Marie Claire. I found out to my dismay that my favorite products from MAC had not been packed up in my bag after doing my seminar for MAC in New York! I will really miss Blue Brown Pigment and the Chartreuse Pro Glitter and the Genuine Orange Pro Pigment.

This is Thalita wearing my favorite, the Chartreuse Pro Glitter:

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