Linda’s Must Sees: Ben-X and Any Human Heart

I never crease to be amazed by the quality of the programs on PBS. The Saturday night independent movie I always watch, but this last Saturdays, Ben-X, was particularity exceptional. The director was  Nic Balthazar. This Belgian film tells the story of an autistic boy who uses online gaming to escape from the harsh realities of his daily life.

Sunday night the final part of the series, Any Human Heart was also incredibly moving. “Every human being is a collection of selves…we never stay just one person.”
Maybe being British and getting older, as we all are, made it more poignant, but I think anybody could appreciate the film because the quality of the actors and characters was exceptional. This is a must see too, but you must see all three episodes together.  Kim Cattrall was so good in her part, I didn’t realize it was her, even though she was still playing a feisty sex symbol.

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  1. Paula Roberts says:

    Any Human Heart had me in floods of tears this last Sunday – it was brilliant even if very sad at the end. Now that is acting!

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