Makeup Artist Accessories- Apron & Brushholders






I was so excited when Thalita told me she wanted to buy one of my aprons. Because I did these a while ago and was happy to see that my interns find them cool.
I have always manufactured everything in the US and was very happy to read a wonderful article about Anna Sui and to know that she was a big advocate of US-made. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more difficult as the smaller manufacturers are bought out by bigger companies and will not make certain things that they made before unless you order a very large quantity which are made in China. Fortunately I have managed to find a new manufacturer for my brushholders and aprons. As my stock is getting very low and I love the idea of continuing with my canvas accessories as they almost become better once they are worn a little and washed a couple of times. If you happen to want the apron that Thalita is wearing with the same design you’re going to have to order now for this Christmas! We do have a few other different designs left however…

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  1. i love these brushes with the apron who makes them

  2. Linda says:

    Linda Mason, and you can find them on the website or by calling 212 625 0490

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