Mixing Lip Colors- Custom Lipstick

As a professional makeup artist, I have always mixed my lip colors, I very rarely have used just one lip color. So when I made the lip solos I made the colors specifically for mixing. I asked Thalita to make a chart for an important Russian client we have on how the colors mix and what a great variation you can get. Laura saw the chart and was over-the-moon, because she felt it looked great and that everybody needed to see it, so here it is.

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  1. Beautiful. I love the chart. Am coming into the city this coming weekend and should be by

  2. Denise Berger says:

    Any tips of which colors should be mixed to get these colors? I make my own lipstick and find it so hard to mix colors properly to make my own custom colors. There’s really not much online about it either. Any suggestions?

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