Nac Kids Can Auction

I love this piece “Astray on Seaburn beach, In the shadow of things long gone”. This was inspired by the Lighthouse that I remembered as a child where my father, brother and I used to go fishing very early on a Sunday morning. I hated fishing but never liked to be left out of anything, so I would brave the cold and my sorry feelings for the fish and create memories with my family. I showed this piece last November at the National Glass Centre Museum in Sunderland my home town.  Every small part of this mixed media piece is a large part of my life so I do hope that it brings a lot of money for Nac Kids Can as it is such a worthy cause. It will be auctioned at their Annual Gala Benefit on November the 15th at the Waldorf Astoria. Maybe you can help this organization in some way, 50% of these children have multiple diagnoses. It is thanks to my friend Gloria Tarigo of Let them Eat Cake fame that I learnt about this organization.

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