Natalie Peyton and Natalie Gelman

At my last makeup class the artists Anastasia and Jamie were so good that I decided to do a photo shoot on the editorial makeup day as well as the photo shoot day. That is the luxury of having a small class , and being able to do the photography, you can stay flexible. Natalie Gelman  in town from Los Angeles where she is working on a new CD made herself available and Natalie Peyton happily happens to be a neighbor who is an actress. While Natalie was in town I was able to go to hear her sing her new songs at the Bitter End. Watch out for her new CD if it is half as good as her singing and the songs that night then it will be fabulous. What I love about her is the fact that her songs are truly about her life   as a native New York Villager .
Learn  about  Jamie and Anastasia and see more of their great makeup and art on the new “what’s new ” page on the front page of my site. The article accompanying the photos was written by another of my daughters talented friends( I met Natalie Gelman through my daughter Daisy) Suzanne Branccacio.

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