Betty Compacts and Minimasterpieces

My assistants and I have so much fun making up mini-masterpieces, trying to work to get as many colors as possible into a kit and it looks really great. The enjoyable part of making the kit really is choosing the colors and putting them into the mini-masterpiece. So, I have decided to no longer deprive my clients, I have set up a workspace for them; so that you may come in and play with the colors and make your own configuration.

Also, for all of our clients nationwide who are unable to visit us, we would like to inform you about a new service we are offering to mini masterpiece owners. Now, for a small fee, you can send us your mini masterpiece/ Betty compact to be cleaned and updated! The fee is $10 for the cleaning, plus shipping and any replaced product. Clients with more than one mini masterpiece/ Betty compact will receive the first cleaning free!

Love Linda


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