Thalita’s Tips


1) Women have an inner line and outer line of their lip. The inner line is the one that is most apparent, and the outer line protrudes slightly. It’s often important to strengthen slightly the outer line of your upper lip for photos because it can disappear.

2) Scars are a part of life, there are two types of scars, light scars and dark scars. For dark scars you can use a concealer that is a couple shades lighter then your skin tone and tap on your everyday foundation if it needs further coverage. For light scars blend in a concealer that is slightly darker then your skin tone, and powdering over that will seal it for the day, and keep it looking discrete.

3) If you’ll be in the sun for labor day festivities, keep fresh by wearing a 30spf under your concealer. Wearing kingfisher or oceanic gel eyeliner sparily will brighten up any look, and won’t get ruined if you are eating corn on the cob or splashing around in the water.

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