Thank You Home by Novogratz

It’s been incredible to hear all of the excitement that the parents express over discovering Linda’s portraits, and realizing the life long memento they can commission for their family. Beginning to meet the children has new meaning for me, now that I have my own baby boy Siraj. Also, it gave my mother more experience painting younger children, for my birthday she gave me a portrait of him at 2 months. She really captured his developing personality, and his eyes, which are such a central part of her portraits in general.

The classic portrait process begins with a photo session where Linda has a chance to take closeup shots of the childs eyes and face, as well as get to know them a bit. Then editing the photos begins and Linda, sometimes with the helps of her assistants, chooses 3 to 4 pictures that we think capture the childs personality best. After that, Linda works her magic on 18X24 inch canvas often incorporating the childs favorite colors. She always take care to make sure the family is totally satisfied with the results.

Robert and Cortney have always been such supporters of Lindas art. Thank you for giving Linda the opportunity to participate in the wonderful Brooklyn Townhouse episode.

Love Daisy

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