Stillness and Presence. My Muse Sarah


Most of you know my daughter Daisy as my first Muse,  but I also have others who have helped me out over the years and have become Muses. Many are Daisy’s friends  others daughters of friends who I have known since they were babies and others friends of friends  looking to  have photos taken or just help out. They usualy end up with a collection of very different photos over the years. Sarah has a stillness inside of her that makes it easy to be creative on her. Stillness does not mean asleep. She is always very present which is important for a good model. This was a demonstration I did on her in June for the New York Makeup Academy of Japan. Check out where I have another article on her with more photos  .

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Rose From Click Model Management, Artist Satoe Honjo

Rose_0625smallroseSatoeHonjo_1520rose_0781smallrose_1543smallSatoe did an amazing job on Rose from Click. I was so impressed with her foundation choice and also the choice of blue for the strong lip makeup. It is these seemingly simple things that can make or break a photo. Roses  strong presence, her focus, her patience  and very special beauty made these photos some of my favorite.

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Chie Takeyama

katka_1015smallWhen working with the NYMA artists on their final shoot I often have to delve into my closets to find things I don’t often wear but love and have saved, This coat is from 1982 by Anthony Villareal, a designer  who was showing in Paris at the time but is now living in California. Chie did a very  pretty makeup on Katka from Click Model Management and Cynthia from John Sahag did the hair crimping it, a retro look from the 70’s. There were marks on the coat from my wild younger days, spilt wine.  I painted and screened them over incorporating them into the look of the coat, now I shall start wearing it again.

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NYMA makeup classes 2018-Shizuka Ito

annalise_0298small annalise_0404small annalise_0861smallI thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the six New York Makeup Academy students who took classes with me this year  at the end of June. I was very fortunate,  Nino Vendome my Landlord from when I had the Art of Beauty had a great space empty on Grand street which he allowed me to use. annaliseshizukaItoSmall_0268For the day of the photoshoot, Shizuka Ito was the makeup artist of Anelisa. Cynthia from John Sahag the hairstylist. I have worked with Cynthia for many many years. You also see Gaby my assistant in the ambiance photo. I have the artist start with a natural glowing makeup…add lipstick then do whatever they would like creatively.

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Intensive Two Day Makeup Class


Are they twins? Sisters? They are both Sarah. For this class Karina my student from Centro Khuyana in Chile did Sarah’s makeup on the left hand side then changed it  by darkening and enlarging the lips slightly and changing the lashes.  She  removed the long eyelashes, shortened them by cutting off 1/4″  from the outer corner where the hairs are longer, then reversing them (applying the lashes for the right eye to the left eye). This thickens the lashes and shortens the outward sweep giving a more natural appearance, she then  reapplied them.

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A Conversation about haircolor

There are many questions that I have always wanted to ask my hairstylist but have not been able to when I am at the hair salon so I have invited my stylist Almog to my place to have this conversation. Almog  used to do my hair and I realized how much difficulty I have actualy talking with him. Like many women  expressing myself as far as my  hair goes is not easy, especially after a certain age. We either have been with a stylist who sees us in one light and is terrified of offending us  or we are terrified of offending them. Going to see a new hairstylist is like committing adultery, infact worse, as it is more obvious that we have been unfaithful. I  tend to go on the missing list and try to figure some things out on my own which I have done this past year. Experimenting with Organic color at the request of my daughter and ending up using a combination of three colors from Herbatint after experimenting with each one individually. Now I am enlisting the help of Almog who has done such a great job on my hair in the past. I want his opinion ( which I respect very much) on the colors I have chosen and his help doing this in a more flattering way so that I can incorporate my grey without actually going grey which I do not want to do. The results of this conversation are not a miraculous change. That is not what I wanted. The resulting   brightness and mix of the colors has made me very happy but the distribution  of my  grey is not yet where I would like it to be with these results, so Almog and I will follow up on this conversation with a much shorter dialogue speaking about the experience and what we have both learnt and how we are going to perfect this growing in of some of the grey and how I can upkeep my hair so that I only need see him every 2 or 3 months.

Much Love to you all, Linda

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Happy New Year 2018


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RosepicofmeSmallWhen I closed my Soho Boutique/Workshop in 2013. I thought for a moment that I would discontinue my makeup line and focus on my Art. Some wonderful art projects followed with hopefully many more ideas to be realized in the future. However I felt a pang when my makeup clients were begging me for a makeup product of mine they could not replace and I took some of them shopping to try to find replacements.  I swore that I would never go back into the business without financing and a great team working alongside!
Never say never, thanks to a great friend Kevin who helped with my Website now exists making it much easier for customers old and new to make purchases. I discovered a limited supply of my signature metal compacts and  many of you really missed my concealers which are on the new site and also the hand made “OOM” compact with transluscent powder. Maybe those foundations you miss so much won’t take too long to materialize.

Thankyouto the Infamous Rose Hartman for this fabulous photo you shot of me over drinks during the summer.


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Pat Cleveland on the Streets of Williamsburgh




Thefirststrokethirdstrokefourth stroke GrandsonI think often about the past but not with sadness or regrets, just enjoying and reliving every fabulous moment in my memory. So how wonderful to be able to actualy relive in 2017 a moment from the 80’s thanks to Apple and an old friend Mark Bozek. Mark  called me and explained to me about this fabulous movie he had been able to make about Bill Cunningham  with old footage he had taken a few years before Bill’s passing and how there were to be some fun promotional events in the Apple Stores and would I come as my “old partners in crime”  Max Vadukul and Wendy Goodman would be participating along with the one and only Pat Cleveland . He  used Pat’s song “Tonight Josephine” as the music for “The Times of Bill”. I went along to the event and took a few colors and brushes and we were able to recreate a blast to the past on the streets of Williamsburgh. It was as much fun as ever with the same energy  from all the photos you can probably see on Instagram. My daughter documented the part I played. Here are the photos by Daisy Mason.
1. Going in for the Kill.
2.The colors I have decided to use .
3. Pink
4. Green
5. Pale yellow.
6. Another green stroke with Max documenting.
7. Packing up with my grandson watching.

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Yoga + Body Painting


I love the twists and turns of life and was impatient  when I was younger but have fortunately learned patience (proof that its never too late for anything) and to aknowledge that there is a time for everything. This Youtube video that a friend  Eddie Teboul made is proof of that
Eddie Teboul is  a very talented hairstylist whom I happened to know when he first started out in Paris  in the 80’s when  we worked together on the fashion shows of Rei Kawakubo (Comme Des Garcons) and Yojhi Yamamoto.  About  5 years ago  Eddie explained to me his passion for Yoga and how he had become a yoga teacher, he told me  about a beautiful dream he had of me painting him. I wanted to make this dream come alive so we arranged for him to come over to my studio at The Art of Beauty on Grand Street , where I was at the time, and spend a couple of hours together.

The  room was sparse and white there was  just a couple of my paintings. Eddie set up his Iphone camera on the floor. “Et voila” fast forward to today and this beautiful video he has made of our work together. The film has been made with such sensitivity I highly recommend it for not just yoga and makeup lovers but anyone interested in special moments. He commentates over the video and it was  touching to hear him talk about my method of painting as I  feel it is quite magical  but have difficulty decribing it myself. I just know that for each person I paint it is a very different individual experience. Thankyou Eddie for capturing this

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