The Real Housewives of New York City

CaroleforArtSite_5054Portraits as opposed to photos are timeless. I love doing them be they mixed media like this one of Carole Radziwill   or a more classical portrait such as the acrylic on canvas I do of both children and adults   .   Portraits add Mystery and warmth to a home. If they are of the Host or Hostess, a good one will let you discover a different side to  them. If they are of people that you don’t know, you can use your own imagination to create a whole story around them. Great artists such as Mark Kostabi  capture a depth of human  nature without any facial features I capture that in the facial features, each artist is different. When I had my Gallery I noticed Americans were much more reticent than other nationalities to put people on their walls, unless a portrait of their own child, prefering abstract paintings or out door scenes. I find  a person is a “paysage” equally as deep and as interesting as The Grand Canyon.  This  portrait of Carole Radziwill  and other portraits of mine were shown on The Real Housewives of New York City episode 10, 2017 filmed at the Vendome Gallery on Spring Street.   To discuss commissioning a portrait  call the number on the website:-


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The smokey eye a la Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian brought back the smokey eye launched by Brigitte Bardot in the early 60’s, perfected by the makeup artist Way Bandy in the 70’s and popularized by Kevin Aucoin in the 90’s. Variations on this look good on anyone. I filmed the actress  Sarah  Reinsch and photographed her with a classic smokey eye, a la Kim Kardashian. Two blogs back  I had her looking more natural you will see how versatile she is and which Look you prefer. I used all the products from
Snow White cream base. JazzyPac OOM Transluscent  powder. Bare blush. Contouring powder, Bluff and highlighter Bliss. Eyeshadows:- Solo Opal in the inner corner next to the eye. In the outer corner Cocoa and Pitch black softened with a layer of Brown earth. These were also applied delicately under the eye. Black pencil inside the lower rim of  the eyes…and lots and lots of black lashes. I oulined the lips with the pencil Sandstone and used a nude gloss.

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Wedding makeup


A very particular point of view

A  well deserved article about the designer Jane Wilson Marquis in WAG magazine. The makeup was done by one of my students from the  NYMakeup Academy of Japan . To make a Smokey eye , halo the eye with brown earth, cacao and coal eyeshadows then aply a soft lip color ,Babe lipstix. Hair by Almog Burbea 1 9178479288,  photos Linda Mason.

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A Versatile Makeup Artist

sarah_7691_144sarah-144_8076 pageof8sarahs_144At my boutique/gallery, The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason,  I had Interns and assistants from all walks of life and have stayed friends and in contact with most of them. They each brought inspiration to me in different ways, I photographed all of them or almost . It is  good to keep in touch and see how they have progressed in their chosen careers.  Sarah Reinsch   interned and worked for me intermittently over a period of a couple of years so I had the opportunity to experiment with the makeup on her.  Sarah was both a gymnast and a dancer so very much an inspiration as I love movement.

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A great Photoshoot location

JanesdressforBlogWe were very fortunate to have the use of the BBFL space in Parkslope Brooklyn for the NYMA 2016 makeup class session in July. It was also good for the photo shoot as we had a variety of different daylight situations to work in. Here is Sage from Major Models in one of the many settings in a dress from hair by Almog and styling by Sylvie Holden and Gaby Garcia.

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Makeup Class Photoshoot 8

TatumforBlog Congratulations to Nene Yamamoto for keeping the delicate freshness of Tatum from who was the baby of our models on this shoot. Nene did this both with the natural makeup and the stronger one by using soft pinks and iridescent silver and glitter. Almog did the hair and the styling was by Gabriela Garcia and Sylvia Holden with a www.minimal Tshirt and a dress.

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Makeup Class Photoshoot 7

Sage_Click_sm-1Sage has one of those ivory skins that just captures the light and great bone structure perfect for natural beauty. Stronger makeup definitely changes her.  I especialy loved her look  as she ressembled Thalita who I was lucky to have assist me  from the ages of 14 till 21, when I closed the Art of Beauty in 2013 she left for New Orleans and  I miss her dearly. Kyoko Kosaki, Sage’s talented makeup artist, applied a little too much  for the natural makeup and I had to have her remove most  of it, she did an amazing job after that false start. When I say natural, I mean natural! Fresh bare skin minimal, if any, eye makeup and concealer, clean brows and gloss. For her natural look Sylvia dressed Sage in a Minimal Hustle T shirt and for the stronger makeup a dress by Jane Wilson Marquis. Hair by Almog .

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Makeup class Photoshoot 6

kendall2forblogThe makeup of the model Kendall from Click was done by Sayaka Sato. A fabulous fresh natural look (right) then an elegant classic with a cool twist acheived through applying a corn colored blush to the cheeks and green shadow to the brows. Hair by Almog and styling by Sylvia Holden and Gabriela Garcia.

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Makeup Class Photoshoot 5

Rose_Click_smWhen the artist Kimi Goto did the makeup on Rose from the agency Click , I was pretty amazed. Kimi had never done makeup on a darker skinned model before. She did a fabulous natural makeup ,which you can see  in the blog “Photoshoot Styling” but I just had to do  her “Freestyle” makeup alone, it was so creative.  At first taken aback by the strength of it, when I looked through the camera I realized how well it worked on Rose. The colors were custom blended Kryolan aquacolor colors. Hair by Almog Burbea and styling by Sylvia Holden.

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Beauty for Fashion

JanewisonmarquisIBFforblogFashion we use to shape the beauty shoots has to be either timeless, cool or avant garde. Jane Wilson Marquis gowns are timeless. They inspired the artists Mirei Morita/Taylor, Nene Yamamoto/Tatum and Sayaka Sato/Kendall,  to do elegantly creative makeup…not boring. They used touches of unusual colors stolen from the beautiful hand painted silk designs of the gowns.
Hair Almog. Styling Sylvia Holden and Gabriela Garcia.

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