Visionary and intuitive outsider artist, Linda Mason continually reveals her natural skills stretching the barriers between Fine Art and Fashion. Her work has found many champions all over the world; Many residing in collections in Europe and the US.

Linda started her career as an artist sketching make up designs for the designer collections in Paris in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Without any formal art training she created her own unique style relying on a set of basic techniques she had learned years ago in addition to her natural talent and eye for color. Mason began initially using geometrical shapes colored in with make up, and then graduating to free form shapes with similarly textured materials such as acrylics and pastels.

In 1985, Mason’s artistic experimentation collide with her career as a makeup artist, culminating in a pace setting "Freestyle" makeup creation which prompted The Wall Street Journal to write “Linda has destroyed makeup as we know it.” This spurred Linda to capture her work in a more permanent manner, with abstract painting, which enabled her to capture the color and light that inspired her. Since 1990 her abstract work has become more figurative and the pleasure that Linda experienced with the human contact involved in doing makeup was replaced by rediscovering the people she made up while painting them.

“I love color but it’s the visible essence I perceive in my subject that inspires me the most.”- Linda Mason

Linda has shown her paintings in various unconventional gallery spaces around the world, but many of her pieces can be viewed in her Soho art gallery “The Art of Beauty” by Linda Mason. The Gallery showcases Mason’s portraits of women which Ellen Pratt of the Soho Journal states are“glamorous and contemporary with just a hint of the masters (from Goya to Warhol).” The gallery also presents Linda’s photography,mixed-media pieces and portraits of children.