We all have many sides to our personality. Sometimes a daring Sagittarius feels like a refined Aquarius and sometimes a forceful Leo feels like a mystical Pisces. The important thing is to go with how you feel, however it is you feel.

The Astrological Melodies combine colors and textures with which you can emphasize a feeling, mood, or personality- allowing you to choose who you want to be. So while you can harmonize with and strengthen the personality and the individual beauty of your own Astrological Sign by wearing your own kit, don't be afraid to try another kit if feeling a bit adventurous. Become a mysterious Scorpio, captivating Cancer, or successful Sagittarius.


Price $56


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Included in each kit there is a Make-up Artist's Palette of Colors
4 Eye Colors, 1 Blush, 3 Lip Colors and 1 Gloss an Instruction Booklet and Astrological Profile.