I love all different types of makeup but working with small brushes on tiny details can drive you crazy if you don’t do something more free and spontaneous from time to time.

So I have put together into my favorite easy to wash “Betty Bag” all the products and brushes and accessories, on how to enjoy yourself and let go with color.

Price: $600

If you read “MAKEUP The Art of Beauty” you will see how simple it is and how best to use the colors to get the strongest effect, check out the “Freestyle” chapter.

Each Freestyle Kit consists of a screened washable “Betty Bag” containing the following listed products:

1 Flat Pan to mix colors in 2 Mixing Bowls for liquids 3 Mixing KnivesGold Liquid Body Makeup Silver Liquid Body Makeup 12 large Aquacolors (White, Black, Bright Red, Dark Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Dayglo Pink, Dayglo Blue, Dayglo Green, Dayglo Yellow)

4 Large Boxes of Colored Powder

1 Large Brush
1 Medium Brush
2 Small (1”) Brushes
1 Japanese Fan Brush
1 Mini Brush
1lb. Aloe Vera Soap
1 Loafer Glove

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