The 20th of  August was the last day in my Workshop. I have loved my time on Grand street and especialy treasure all the wonderful people that  have been drawn in. After a couple of weeks by the beach in England and a visit to some of my Art clients in London, I  am back in action and enjoying my new found freedom. I am not ruling out another space but for the moment clients will be taken care of through our Internet Sites or by appointment. What have I done with my first week back….. I have devoted much of it to my Art but did fortunately venture up to the tents for the Desigual Fashion show, It was great, beautifully feminine and also very practical . I was next to a great fashion director  Ellin Jane Saltzman and a young blogger/future fashion lawyer Shannon Moody. The makeup done by Gregory Arlt and the MAC Pro team was healthy  rosy cheeks perfect for the lively smiling models and Danilo’s hair enhanced the fresh upbeat look. I think  I will start wearing blush again(I’ve had a hiatus these past couple of years).  I’ll mix “Vodka” which seems to be very popular at the moment with “Martini”. In my next Blog I’ll let you know the other colors I have teamed up with it. I am very excited for Thursday to come along as Thalita has been out doing the makeup for the Shows with Dick Page the Artistic Director of Shiseido . I know we would all like the scoop on that!
What does the photo above have to do with Makeup? It is to tell you to deconstruct, and enjoy the beauty of the pieces,  and maybe or maybe not reconstruct in an entirely different way.

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