New York Fashion Week

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, this past week has been fashion week in New York City! I for one have been busy, and had the honor of working with Dick Page, who is an incredibly talented (and esteemed) makeup artist.

Now, having mostly only assisted Linda Mason throughout my career, being on Dicks team this season was a major learning experience! Using unfamiliar product proved to be a challenge, but it pushed me to work out of my comfort zone. Everyone on the team was friendly and supportive, and helped me to get my bearings (since I was the newest addition.). Dick was nothing short of a pleasure to work with; funny yet focused, he was there for each and every makeup artist on the team, making sure we felt on track and checking our work before giving the OK. Watching Dick work was enough to completely blow my mind! Each show, he would begin by sitting a model down and showing us the look step by step, mapping out what product to use where. He hardly needed a moment to get the full look on: as he whisked base sparingly onto the models face I felt like I was watching one of those vacuum cleaner commercials, neatly and efficiently zipping redness off the face.

Apart from working with Dick, I had a great time working with Logan Slaughter (and a small team of makeup artists) at the Helen Yarmak/Patricia Fields show! It was a nice change of pace from the other shows I did, not only where there fewer models, but we got to do the makeup outdoors on the terrace of the 23rd floor of the crown building! We had such an incredible view, and the weather was perfect (but it was a lucky thing we didn’t use any loose powders, with all that wind!).

The photo pictured is of Anna Von Ravenstein, Pat Cleveland’s daughter. Both modeled for the Helen Yarmak/Patricia Fields show. Pat was one of the first models Linda ever made up for the Paris shows, so it was a happy coincidence that I got to makeup her daughter. She was a bundle of energy!

Love Thalita

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