Provincetown colors

Thalita and I picked out colors inspired by the last photo I showed you of the scene from my bedroom window in Provincetown. Thalita did her own makeup layering the light blue color ” Seafoam” over storm grey and Coal making a soft halo of color around her eyes. The very neutral blush is aptly called Driftwood and on the lips she applied the brown lipcolor. all these colors are shown in the “Water Woman”(formerly known as”Mermaid”) Mini Masterpiece compact. Over the brown on the lips Thalita applied our  new Graffititube lipcolor. If you want a waterproof Provincetown makeup use our “Great White” and “Shark” Graffitigels  I will have Thalita use them creatively this week and  maybe  do my own makeup with those colors too!
One of the highlights of TAS was the opening night which was held at Provincetown Museum A beautiful space with some great Art. I also discovered other really interesting artists there and loved the seascapes and abstracts of Steve Lyons .



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