Hello from Georgia!

Hello again, everyone! When Linda asked me if I could write a post, I was so excited. I miss it. Since returning to The University of Georgia for my senior year, I have continued wearing my Linda Mason makeup. It is a bit different for me from when I wore color this summer because rarely do women here in Athens, Georgia wear bright lipsticks or eye color, but that hasn’t stopped me.

Getting ready for class on mornings can be a struggle. Sometimes the last thing I want to do is make myself look presentable. My go-to product that I use is the Earth lip-gloss. It’s funny because this summer Thalita told me multiple times that this gloss is one of the best products I could have, and it’s so true! I didn’t wear it until the end of the summer because the black color scared me, but it goes on completely different. It deepens the natural color of my lips, which is perfect because, like I’ve said before, my natural lip color tends to be too light. For other occasions, I apply the Earth gloss after I put on other lipsticks to deepen the color even more.

A red lipstick never goes out of style. Wearing red lips in Athens, GA is not quite as common as in NYC. However, I have worn the Ruby lipstick for a football game. Our colors are red and black, so a red lip completes the game day look. A black outfit paired with Ruby lips will forever be timeless. I encourage every woman to find a red lipstick and wear it confidently.

Thank you to all who read this. I have another go-to product that I’ll talk about in our next blog. Georgia is sweet and slow, but I miss everyone and everything in NYC.

Love Lynley

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  1. Alyson Hoag says:

    When you come to “the city” come visit us at Authentic Beauty! You can come play at our studio. We would love to have you visit 🙂

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