A Night Out on the Town

Last Friday night after a long afternoon of teaching the “Thriller” dance to 12-year olds, I booked it back to my house to get ready for Linda’s art opening at Studio59BK Jeorge Napoleon Gallery in Gowanus. There I found the newest addition to the ever-changing cast of characters that make up my household – Fitch Ball – who had just come back from a long day at her studio and was all ready to hit the hay when I calmly mentioned Linda’s show. Fitch, a performing poet, art lover & goddess of all things divine has heard little tidbits of the illustrious Masons and roused her energy in a flash. A big fan of Linda’s tank tops since moving in, I picked for Fitch the white on black Astro tank for her to rock with her classic J brand jeans. As I was putting on my go-to products – Moire eyeliner, translucent powder, a hint of Driftwood blush, black mascara, and a light stain of Earth gloss over Lilac on the lips – Fitch, who rarely wears any makeup at all, had that gleam in her eye like she wanted a little something, too. I knew immediately Kingfisher (pictured above, getting a lot of use) Moire’s “partner-in-crime,” was the color for her. I splashed the top of her lids with a stroke of this unmistakable graffitigel, turned up at the outer corners  for a killer look that lasted the entire evening (which of course, ended as usual – with endless hours of dancing at Le Poisson Rouge’s Freedom Party). A stunner without any makeup at all, I think Fitch may have a new favorite accessory.

And, Linda’s art show – for those who missed it – was incredible. Jeorge’s Studio59BK was the perfect setting for such unbelievable beauty. For those who have seen Linda’s paintings line the walls of her gallery and shop all these years, I suggest you take advantage of seeing her work in new settings – www.lindamasongallery.com and save the date when the next show is announced ❤️Zoe




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