NYMA makeup classes 2018-Shizuka Ito

annalise_0298small annalise_0404small annalise_0861smallI thoroughly enjoyed myself as did the six New York Makeup Academy students who took classes with me this year  at the end of June. I was very fortunate,  Nino Vendome my Landlord from when I had the Art of Beauty had a great space empty on Grand street which he allowed me to use. annaliseshizukaItoSmall_0268For the day of the photoshoot, Shizuka Ito was the makeup artist of Anelisa. Cynthia from John Sahag the hairstylist. I have worked with Cynthia for many many years. You also see Gaby my assistant in the ambiance photo. I have the artist start with a natural glowing makeup…add lipstick then do whatever they would like creatively.

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  1. Linda Victor says:

    Hi Linda, As usual I love your work in makeup and art and miss your gallery you once had. I wondered though do you still have a place somewhere or another gallery where u have your makeup and art? And wondered where do you do these makeup shoots I would love to come by one day and see one but are u doing this work all freelance? And do you have another gallery just for your paintings somewhere? Ai also would like to know if your still selling your makeup you can never find those same colors anywhere or the same texture. Thanks Linda Victor 646-709-2195

  2. Linda Mason says:

    Hi Linda, I don’t have a new space but I do have a new site where you can purchase products http://www.beautyartmakeup.com These classes I did near my old shop in a very beautiful space on Grand street. I do them every year in June and you are welcome to come and model for us! So next year. Linda

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