Using Makeup to Add a Glow to Dull, Winter Skin

I came in today, complaining how dry the weather was making me feel. So Thalita kindly took me under her wing (with Linda’s blessing) and smothered my face with almond oil then preceded to help me feel luminous and moist by only using creams and glosses on my face. Starting with Snow White, cream base, and then  creamy Vodka blush on my skin she then proceeded to use ALL 4 of the lip gloss colors (Fire, Earth, Water, and Air). Thalita used the Air Gloss as a highlighter on the cheeks, even the Earth Gloss to darken the eyebrows and give them shape (I loved this subtle, but effective touch), Water Gloss (with sparkles) to accentuate the brow bone, and Fire Gloss on the lips. I felt so refreshed! -Laura

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