Please choose 6 of the following to customize your Mini-Masterpiece:

Lip Gloss

Fire Earth Air Water Nude
Blush Solos

Baboo Blonze Bliss Babbitt Bluff
Blooming Baneberr Baby Blast Ballyhoo
Blossom Blame      
Lip Solos

Light Pink Muted Pink Violet Ruby Coral
Russet Brick Red Hot Pearl Bronze
Brown Nude Gray Silver Gold
Pearl Lilac Muted Pink Hot Pink Violet
Ruby Orange Coral Brick Red Hot
New Brown Russet Apricot Red Current  
Eye Liners

Black Earth Air Water  
Eye Solo Circles

White Vanilla Yellow Tint Topaz Deep Topaz
Pink Tint Taupe Purple Opal Smokey Cherry
Copper Chocolate Red Wood Orange Lame Smokey Bronze
Acid Khaki Jade Red Lame Smokey Violet
Ash Cocoa Pitch Black Smokey Night Silver Ice
Smokey Olive Aqua Ice Smokey Blue Green Ice Smokey Green
Eye Solo Shadow Triangles

Coal Red Earth Brown Earth Forest Bed Storm
Mist Pacific Turquoise Stone Sand
Ivory Mediterranean Bronze Gold Silver
Shell Cloud Snow Gold Peach Sunrise Mushroom