When Linda first had The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason in Soho at the end of the 90's, she had time to personally develop and hand-make compacts figuring her favorite art pieces. A compact that she herself loved to carry around - not just a visually glamorous art piece, but a very practical one, too. She liked to go out dancing and traveling and had searched for something small enough to contain all the products she needed for her face that could fit in her pocket. These compacts started to become collector's items and her clients would not just come to change the makeup, but also to purchase new colors in a new compact., excited by the prospect of choosing colors that look good on their face and complete this little masterpiece they would be carrying around. The compacts have grown organically as Linda's paintings have transformed and now, for her clients who have also had portraits painted, they have the possibility of having their own image on their mini masterpiece compact.

When Linda does a portrait, she often ends up doing more than one. See above the two portraits of Bellamy Novogratz as a child. One of these Linda used on a Mini Masterpiece, the other is on Bellamy's wall. See Bellamy as a beautiful young woman modeling for Click Models.