Wearing Makeup at Athleta

In addition to being an intern for Linda Mason this summer, I work part-time as a sales associate at Athleta uptown. I’m enjoying both experiences, and I try to wear Linda’s makeup to both places. I always incorporate more color when I’m here at The Art of Beauty than when I am working at Athleta – I go subtler with the color since Athleta is an active/athletic brand for women. I usually wear the colors from my Gemini astrological kit – just using a hint of the Mist and Storm Grey eye shadows — because it’s easy and is always a good look no matter where I’m going. That’s the great thing about wearing your sign’s makeup: it never disappoints you. In the picture above with Mia and Zoe, I’m wearing the same natural look as I would wear at Athleta.

Last week Linda gave me a Graffitigel with the eyeliner brush, so I’ve been also wearing the King Fisher Graffitigel, which isn’t as discreet as the Gemini astrokit. Using the eyeliner brush, the Graffitigel glides right onto the lid, so it’s very easy to apply. Graffitigel was the first Linda Mason product Thalita applied on me on my first day at The Art of Beauty, so I’m excited to finally experiment on my own.

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