Commission a Portrait

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Let Linda capture  you or your child’s aura in  timeless and beautiful portraits which will add color and warmth to your home or office. Mason’s vivid use of color, incorporation of fashion, and, most of all, her ability to capture and emphasize individual particularities and beauty mark her artistic style as uniquely her own.


You are body painted with thick wet brush strokes and photos are taken throughout the initial  session at various stages of the painting. The ultimate goal through this physical transformation  is to bring out each subject’s individuality, personal strengths and beauty with color.  These images are applied to wood or canvas then after the layers of paper and paint are applied to the  wood a resin finish is applied seamlessly combining the varying techniques to achieve  a textural complexity. They can be done in any size but the most common is 18″x24″ on wood.

Colorful and expressive, Linda’s various depictions of children exude a vibrant playfulness, celebrating the innocence of youth. At the same time, capturing the essence of your child. Mason possesses a sensitivity to the distinctive qualities of each child, focusing as much attention on the interior nature as the exterior appearance.

In order to get a sense of each child’s individual character, Mason’s process involves a half hour session with your child and a family member, taking photographs to work from later.

You are body painted with thick wet brush strokes and photos are taken throughout the initial session at various stages of the painting. The ultimate goal through this physical transformation is to bring out each subject’s individuality, personal strengths and beauty with color. The photos are edited and a print made of the best image.

The experience of thick wet brush strokes being applied to the moving body during the photo session allows the subject freedom and the photographic process is able to capture more spontaneous images to be used as inspiration for the acrylic on canvas painting. The portrait could be any size and the photos can also be done without body paint.

An acrylic on Canvas portrait can capture a more classic look with a photo session minus the large strokes applied to the body. This finished portrait can then have larger strokes added to the painting for a freer feel, but why deprive yourself of the wonderful experience of having your body painted with large brush strokes and photos taken during application.

Classic Portrait Process

The photographs I take to work from are included in the cost of the portrait this photo session allows me to better know you or your child but I have also worked successfully from photographs I have been given. The session takes approximately 30mins. We discuss colors and images you like and sometimes you will end up with a choice of paintings as if I get a strong feeling for something other than your request I end up doing a couple of portraits. The process takes around 1 month depending on my schedule sometimes I’m quite quickly satisfied with the result; other times, I need more than a few weeks to contemplate and put the finishing touches. Click on the image for examples of Classic portraits, an adult and a child, with some stages of their process. The majority of these portraits are 24″ x 18″ (60.96 cm by 45.72 cm) and 36″ x 24″ ( 91.44 cm by 60.96cm ) and for the adults most often 36″ x 48″ (91.44 cm by 121.92cm). But I can do very large portraits and the family. My clients are situated not just in New York but in various parts of the US and Europe and I am often called in to do siblings.

This fun process for your children begins with the preparation of a large canvas and acrylic paints for the child or children to use. They then choose their colors and brushes. While they work I take a series of photographs of them as they create . When they have completed their painting I let the large canvas dry and then weave their portraits into the work in simple lines. It is a great personalized process and a delightful project for children and their parents. These canvases can be done in any size, look to the section Giving Back , to see other versions of this work.